Pig Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rooster woman, they may at first be drawn to each other by who they think the other person is. Soon they will each find out they underestimated their partner. He is far more tenacious than she thought and she tends to be more aggressive towards him rather than the outside world. His loyalty will help soothe her jealousy and give her security. Their financial talents will give them both security.

Chinese Pig and Rooster make excellent friends. They must both put out some effort to succeed at an intimate relationship. The simple answer is that they both expect different things in life. Pig wants comfortable surroundings and luxury. Rooster likes everything in its place and no mess. Both partners are very loyal and are eager to have an open communication. Pig knows instinctively how to get Rooster to relax. They can help Rooster learn how to enjoy life. Rooster can help Pig learn that they can find comfort in simple things.

Pig Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Pig Rooster compatibility can go places, if both the Chinese zodiac signs make some effort. Any Pig and Rooster relationship is likely to be based entirely on the Pig taking satisfaction from making the Rooster happy. This has the unfortunate tendency to require that the Pig do just that – to eschew everything in favor of adulation or idolatry of the Rooster.

The Pig is a very laid back home body who prefers to take things as they come and is most happy when making other people happy. They tend to enjoy the finer things in life. It is not, however, laziness.

The Rooster is what might commonly be called a “type-A” personality. They are prone to classifying every problem as an obstacle, which must be crushed. They are naturally dominant and cannot stand being anything but the center of attention and leader of the pack. This can be an asset in some situations, as long as they have the abilities of leadership, charisma and discernment.

The male Pig and the female Rooster will be acrobatic in the sack and dazzling on the dance floor. They will also manage to like each other in the process - a minor miracle for these two socially conscious Signs. The male Pig has the perspicacity to discern the apt brain beneath the female Rooster’s all too convincing exterior of flippancy and fatuousness.

She will wind up completely charmed by his cheerful attentions and excellent conversation, because he knows what to look for and how to exploit it. These two will stay together for a very long time, if only because of their mutual fear that no one else will recognize their valuable depths of spirit beneath their playboy exteriors that they flaunt so well.

Pig Man and Rooster Woman Love

Although there are many things in which Pigs and Roosters can find common ground, they have fundamental differences. You mainly follow your emotions, whereas Roosters are intellectual and analytical. Although you consider things carefully before acting, you still give your emotions and physical comfort far more weight in your decisions than a Rooster does. This could cause a rift, because Roosters will have a hard time understanding why your choices aren’t more logical.

The two of you will greatly enjoy each other’s company, and have much fun together. If you can overlook each other’s faults and take great care to make compromises, you can have a stable relationship. You will need to keep more careful track of your schedule and spending, and she will have to be willing to be more flexible and spontaneous sometimes. The two of you can build a relationship on love and mutual respect as long as you take care to avoid situations that will cause conflict and contention.

Great success can be achieved if the Rooster and Pig couple agree on the goal to which they are working toward. In this case, The Rooster is best served in an environment where they can take care of the nit picky details of management and make certain that everyone is on track. The Pig provides the major impetus of work. If this synchronicity cannot be achieved, neither party will be happy for long, predicts Chinese astrology compatibility.

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