Pig Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Snake woman, he will be overwhelmed by her personality. She prefers a busy social life and is not interested in being domestic. He won’t ever let her know how unhappy he is. They do get along well in the bedroom, however, and their fleeting moments of bliss will be there.

Chinese Pig and Snake are not the best match. They naturally mistrust each other and they both irritate the other to no end. If they are to succeed in a relationship they need to really work at it. They will get along famously at first. They both have a sensuous side that is hard to resist. Both also have a problem with being possessive. They need to let go of this if they are to succeed. Secrets need to be given up so they can learn to trust each other.

Pig Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Snake compatibility is very poor when it comes to love, friendship or business. When the pig is dating a snake, their love compatibility might be bad, thus leading to a breakup.

The Chinese astrology Pig sign is intensely passionate and easily distracted by finery and the quest to bring happiness to everyone. The Snake, while equally able to appreciate the decadent things in life, is much more likely to use sensuality for the purpose of seduction.

It isn’t that the Snake is looking for a lover or sexual partner in everyone they meet. Rather, the Chinese zodiac sign Snake suffers from an inner insecurity that leads them to validate themselves through the adoration of others.

The male Pig is capable of drenching the female Snake in attention that will rattle her coils and soften her cerebral heart immensely. She in turn will lavish upon him the proceeds of her dizzying intellect. The Pig knows his own need for sound advice, and will introduce his partner to the joys of socializing in the hopes that she may raise his peer value among company.

The Snake may consider the Pig to be her cranial inferior, and while he may have a different approach to knowledge and its uses, he won’t be fooled for a moment if she attempts to pull a fast one. If these two would-be lovebirds can keep their eyes on the prize long enough to work out the kinks, they should be able to piece out the odds for the duration.

Pig Man and Snake Woman Love

A Snake is really not the best partner for you. Although she is cool, collected, and very alluring, you will never know if she is really interested or attempting to deceive you. Snakes are not averse to playing dirty to get what they want, and will take advantage whomever they can if it means they can get ahead.

Although you may at first be impressed by a Snake’s drive to get what she wants, you will likely be disappointed when you realize how she keeps her true feelings hidden, even from you. Snakes are ambitious, and love is usually not the first priority, even though they are passionate lovers. Her ability to use deception for her own gain will bother you.

Snakes are great with money, so if you do try a relationship with one, let her handle the finances. She will make sure there is enough money for you to have the little extras you like so much. She is very smart and will get invited to all the right parties, which is a boon for you since you love to socialize.

Like you, Snakes admire the finer things in life. A Snake will carefully save up for as long as it takes to afford the real thing, rather than settling for a cheap imitation. You do have enough in common with a Snake to try a relationship, but it is likely to be strained by her jealousy and your dislike of her use of deception to get what she wants. You can’t really tame a Snake.

Rather than crushing competition, the Snake and Pig match will do best when acting on their own innate impulses. The Chinese Pig can bring to bear immense power of persuasion, turning enemies and obstacles into ardent supporters, while the Snake uses intuition and appeal to be a natural diplomat.

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