Pig Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Tiger woman, they admire each other very much. This can smooth the way through many problems. He has definite ideas of how a woman should be, and she will be nothing like it. Her direct manner may be challenging for him. He can be sulky for days, hoping she will step up and make it all better. He loves children; she may not desire any. This can be an issue for them.

Chinese Pig and Tiger will have a life full of laughter and passion. They love spending time together and they have the ability to overlook their problems and enjoy life in spite of them. In order to be happy, Tiger must be able to curb their inclination to roam while Pig must learn to stand on their own two feet instead of needed constant support. If these issues can be overcome, they will be deliriously happy.

Pig Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Tiger compatibility will work, but it will take tremendous effort by both parties. The Pig Tiger love compatibility is pretty good in all aspects. The Pig and Tiger soulmates in love is not only entirely possible, but highly likely.

Pigs are a study in contrasts, being both exceptionally hard workers and quite capable of spending two hours lounging in a bubble bath. The Pig is passionate but stable. The homebody Pig may seem far too constrictive for the Tiger, while the constantly roaming Tiger may seem tumultuous to the Pig. An accord must be reached where the Pig allows the Tiger to roam whenever he or she feels like, which, ironically, will reduce their need to do so.

The Tiger zodiac sign is a free roaming and temperamental creature who do not react well to closed doors. Any time that a Tiger is prevented from doing anything, regardless of whether they wanted to do it or not, they will feel compelled to do that thing anyway. This will be just to spite those who said no, or flee from the situation entirely.

The Pig and the Tiger are almost the same person once one penetrates past the surface differences. The male Pig accepts the female Tiger’s occasional departures from the nest and will learn in time to control his jealousy regarding her whereabouts - if he doesn’t, and starts to obsess, this relationship will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.

He needs to be made to understand that she will never stray far because she’s too fond of his sense of humor and bright cheerful outlook to ever fall for anyone else. The male Pig may even convince the female Tiger to start a family somewhere down the line - a truly remarkable feat. This is a comfortable union that will extend itself indefinitely with a little forbearance on both sides.

Pig Man and Tiger Woman Love

If you’ve fallen in love with a Tiger, it’s no surprise. Tigers are the most magnetic, intense, sexual sign of the zodiac. A Tiger walks into the room and steals the spotlight. They covet being the center of attention, but they aren’t selfish. Tigers are often involved in good causes that they are very passionate about, and they aren’t afraid to take on the world if they feel that something is wrong and needs to be changed. It’s hard to avoid getting caught up in the Tiger’s whirlwind of emotion, and there is just something irresistible about female Tigers especially.

Tigers acquire many admirers, because they fight hard for what they believe in and never give up. Tigers don’t like to hear insults or have their egos insulted. They can lash out ferociously if questioned or if they feel put down. There’s no stopping them, however, and they bounce back right away no matter what happens. You literally cannot break a Tiger.

Your Tiger has the strength to help you resist pursuing pleasure too much. You are a good partner for a Tiger because you are a peace lover, and when you see a storm coming, you will soothe and comfort her to avoid it. Both of you are sensual and you will have sensational chemistry in the bedroom.

There will be a good balance between the two of you, because Tigers are very suspicious. She will save you from your naive nature and you can help her to trust a little more easily. She will be very generous, affectionate, and loving with you, and you will love that attention. Tigers are extremely loyal to the ones they love, and you will return that devotion. There are not too many areas of conflict here, and as long as you realize that Tigers cannot help their occasional emotional highs and lows, the two of you should enjoy a long happy relationship.

According to Chinese zodiac compatibility, it is quite possible for these two to have a long and healthy marriage. But it will take constant effort by both parties to keep lines of communication open and maintain mutual understanding.

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