Rabbit Man

Men Rabbits take their time before entering a physical relationship. They prefer an emotional bond before undertaking a physical one. Once that arrangement has been satisfied, Rabbit men are an extremely passionate companion. The male Rabbit is considered quite conservative in bed, and anything considered kinky or imaginative will be an instant turn off.

The Rabbit man is very in touch with his feminine side, being tidy and well-dressed at all times. He is not interested in fathering children and like his feminine counterpart is considered quite superficial. The male Rabbit’s greatest threat is clothing, usually spending heavily on clothing even at the expense of not being able to sustain livelihood.

The male Rabbit is an introvert, spending hours dwelling on examining his every move and thought, endlessly feeling like perhaps he could have done things better in a given situation, and secretly self-chastising themselves. The Rabbit man is also very touchy and easily hurt, reacting to others opinions of him harshly. Usually he will keep these reactions to himself and begin the spiral of introversion over again.

Rabbit Man – Personality and Characteristics

The Rabbit male is essentially an introvert. He needs many more lonely moments than most other men in order to examine his every thought, feeling and move. He is never quite sure whether he behaved well on such or such past occasion – although he knows that he conducted himself as best he could. Keen on analyzing himself endlessly, futilely, he rarely succeeds in escaping a vague feeling of culpability or remorse and tends strongly toward self-chastisement. His moodiness is to him a pleasure and a torment at the same time.

Despite his extreme touchiness – he is very easily hurt – this man exercises effective control over his outward reactions; people who do not know him well find it hard to tell what is going on in his heart as he jealously keeps his feelings to himself. On the other hand, he may be as opinionated as the next person but rarely expresses his ideas and in any case keeps silent when he has nothing really worthwhile to say.

Nothing horrifies him more than disorder and anarchy to which, for all his sense of equity, he would prefer injustice and despotism. A man such as he who is constantly obsessed with harmony cannot tolerate confusion and chaos around him and will not hesitate to roll up his sleeves to help putting things in order. In this way he is sometimes accused of meddling but this does not bother him in the least. In the same vein he hates messiness, unpunctuality, procrastination and waste of time.

This individual has a profound desire to be accepted and liked; rejection is always considered an unbearable disgrace. Yet he is not as sociable as one may expect him to be. He prefers seclusion or a very limited circle of trusted friends to large crowds and loves living all hunched up in the intimacy of his home. A convinced sedentary man, he hates travels and, unless forced by circumstances, shrinks from the idea of adventure. Security and cosiness seem to be his greatest concerns in life, and his motto may be the same as that of Cervantes: “You are a king by your own fireside, as much as any monarch in his throne.”

Considered under a certain angle, the male of the Rabbit sign may appear as a virtuous person. Self-improvement is a driving force in him, and he is constantly trying to achieve perfection in all directions. His sense of justice and fairness is extremely well developed. It is why the Year of the Rabbit stands for the year during which the reign of Justice is expected to be prosperous. It would be surprising if he ever allowed himself to commit an inequity against someone. He can even go so far as to be gentle, courteous, considerate, loyal and helpful.

He would be justified in priding himself on his honesty, for it is above all suspicion. One can always trust him, no matter how a given situation evolves, and his deeds are never at variance with his words. Cynics may argue that his irreproachable integrity is not a spontaneous moral quality but only a device of his to protect himself from complications and problems. While it is true he needs peace of mind more than anyone else, it must be acknowledged that his conviction, deep as it is, sometimes causes him considerable trouble which could have been avoided with less intransigence.

Patience is yet another of his outstanding qualities. Conscious that “if you wait, there will come nectar-like fair weather” (Japanese proverb), he knows the art and wisdom of biding his time. He is among the few who would continue to tread even though the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight. There is no doubt that his strategy often pays, and to the casual observer he appears to be better favoured by life than many other mortals. Paradoxically, however, this man is almost never satisfied with his lot. He has somehow acquired the conviction that he deserves a better treatment by life which, in his unwarrantable opinion, has been particularly severe and unjust toward him. No amount of reasoning is likely to make him adopt a less pessimistic and biased view. Self-pity acts on him as a kind of dope, and it would be no easy business to cure his addiction.

Not only fond of self-analysis, the Rabbit male delights in dissecting people and situations of any description. His analytical mind will not be at rest so long as it has not broken any subject under study down to the barest terms and cast all necessary light on it. He is therefore reputed as a meticulous, accurate and methodical man – but also as a hair-splitting maniac who often does not see the forest for the trees.

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