Rabbit Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Dog woman, they need to watch out for depression. Both can end up focusing on negative issues. They do get along very well and support each other. They have a strong sense of duty. Rabbit is happy to make Dog as comfortable as possible, and will be loyal to the end. Dog is happy to give Rabbit all the support and affection they need to be happy.

Chinese Rabbit and Dog make an understanding and compassionate couple. These two will develop a strong bond that links them together. Neither will take advantage of the other. This is important, since Rabbit is very easy for others to do this to. They will be passionate with each other and supportive of each other so they can overcome their fears.

Rabbit Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit dating the Dog Chinese sign is one of the best compatible couples in Chinese astrology. The dog is the protector of the Chinese zodiac and the rabbit eats this up. It’s not that the rabbit always needs someone to take care of them – they are very independent creatures themselves.

But they find the security they seek in the dog. Someone to catch them if they happen to fall, someone to unconditionally defend them when the rest of the world takes advantage of them, as often happens. The Rabbit and Dog in love can go the distance, with some work from both sides. The key with these two Chinese zodiac signs is that they complement each other well. They may not have the same characteristics, or the same temperament.

The male Rabbit and the female Dog are honest, reliable and hardworking to a fault. They both appreciate security above all other considerations in the relationship, and since this is the case, will never let each other down. Together they can preserve their own little world free of malevolent intrusions, and when each is frightened of the unknown the other will immediately leap to reassure the delicate nerves of their intended.

On the rare occasions when the Dog is stirred to violence by an experience especially provoking, the Rabbit will be able to pour his oil over the troubled waters almost before anyone else can notice the altercation. Marriage is almost always a result of this relationship, and that right quickly.

Rabbit Man and Dog Woman Love

A person born under the sign of the Dog makes a great partner for you. Dogs think very logically, and will help you with loyal support and advice when you are feeling down. Dogs do not resent people who are "emotional thinkers" and will not resent or lecture you if you make decisions with your heart instead of your head.

Dogs are very loyal, faithful, and protective. When you run from a fight because you can’t stand conflict, nothing will make a Dog happier than to protect you and fight that battle for you. Dogs are very concerned about the safety and well-being of their homes and families. Although a Dog will not be as creative and artistic as you, she will appreciate and love you for who you are, and not pressure you to do anything differently. You will blossom under such support.

Dogs can be somewhat pessimistic, and your relaxed attitude can help. You will be able to help her realize that she can take time off from work and other duties and simply indulge herself from time to time. Dogs can be prone to seeing danger around every corner, and you can help her understand that she doesn’t have to be on guard all the time. You will be able to cheer her up when she is depressed, and she will appreciate the romance you bring to her life. Both of you will enjoy cozy evenings at home.

Yet, the Rabbit and Dog as soulmates have staying power. The rabbit knows just what the dog needs, while the dog’s loyalty puts the rabbit at ease. In fact they both calm each other where the other partner lacks. They will be successful not only in romance, but business as well.

This is really a natural partnership that doesn’t have a lot of potential for conflict. With minimal compromises, you will be able to set up a cozy, stable home where you will be the decorator and she will be the protector. There is a lot of room for long term happiness here.

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