Rabbit Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Dragon woman, this match is ill-advised. While she may be attracted at first to this cozy, stable guy, soon their differences are all too apparent. He is an introvert while she is an extrovert. He will find it difficult to overlook her flaws and will find it difficult to meet her needs for admiration.

Chinese Rabbit and Dragon will need to compromise in order to get along. Rabbit loves a cozy night at home while Dragon wants a night out. Both signs appreciate a supportive relationship, which they can definitely achieve in this pairing. Dragon helps Rabbit feel safe and can draw Rabbit out of their shell. Rabbit is affectionate and understanding, which makes Dragon feel appreciated. Both signs are lucky with money.

Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

Upon first glance the Chinese Rabbit Dragon relationship is not the most harmonious of matches, but that doesn’t mean it will not work. Both the rabbit man and dragon woman are very independent signs. In many ways this animal signs are opposites of each other, yet also similar in some aspects. As with all relationships, compromise is key, especially with this Rabbit Dragon friendship.

The male Rabbit requires a security blanket composed of equal parts affection and calm in order to be at ease, and he will probably not find any of this in the female Dragon, who is by temperament inclined to upset all extant order solely to please her own sense of entertainment. The Rabbit will not be able to exercise the control over his own emotional environment that he has come to take for granted, and this will operate to make him unduly anxious.

The Dragon will chew him up and spit him out in chunks - she’s just too much for him, in life as in bed, and he won’t be able to keep up. To the Rabbit’s credit, he will be well aware of this imbalance, and take steps to end this mismatched liaison before it goes too far for comfort.

Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman Love

Dragons are majestic and powerful, and you can’t be blamed for falling in love with one. When she walks into the room, all eyes are on her, and she is usually closely followed by several admirers. Dragons accomplish great things through sheer force of will and natural talent. They throw themselves into things without worrying about safety nets or backup plans.

Although Dragons are spectacular and usually successful, the large risks they take open them up to trouble as well. Dragons need a partner who will give them wise advice and words of caution, and you certainly fit that description. Dragons are also more sensitive than they appear and need the admiration of others to keep their confidence up. Without the support of at least one person who loves her very much, a Dragon can plummet into despair. The emotions of a Dragon are as intense as her appeal.

Your support will be much appreciated by the Dragon, who will provide you with the romance you crave. Also, a Dragon will be more than willing to fight your battles so that you can avoid conflict. Dragons don’t mind conflict one bit, and in fact a stern look from a Dragon is often enough to send other people running, because Dragons simply ooze power.

This relationship can be quite productive, because your strengths cover for each other’s weaknesses well.

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