Rabbit Man Goat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Goat woman, they may have a lot of petty irritations but when it comes to the big stuff they get along just fine. He has a knack for bringing her unpredictability down to earth and they both feel emotionally secure.

Chinese Rabbit and Goat are a great match. They are both dreamy and artistic who thrive on emotional release. They may be a bit high strung, but since they are so good at supporting each other, this doesn’t often get in the way. In business, they do best when they are doing something creative. A third party is best hired to handle the books since neither of these signs are known for being practical.

Rabbit Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit Goat relationship share many things in common. Their personalities are similar and so are their outlook on life. Both these Chinese zodiac signs have an affinity for the arts and the beauty in the world, which is something they can easily share with each other.

The rabbit and goat soulmates have no qualms about being homebodies. They both relish in the security and comfort of their homes, although the rabbit may get the social itch a little more than the goat. The key to the excellent love compatibility in a Chinese zodiac Rabbit Goat pairing is finding a partner who has the same interests. They can easily understand each other emotionally, much better than many other signs, and they have comparable perceptions about life.

The male Rabbit and the female Goat are very much the perfect mates for each other. They enjoy daydreaming together, and their unbridled fantasy life translates nicely into a rich and fulfilling sex life for this lucky couple. The Rabbit’s habitual nervousness will be soothed by the Goat’s attentions, while the Goat can count on the practical rabbit to make sure that all of the more mundane aspects of their shared life together are constantly kept in order.

The Achilles’ heel of this relationship is the rare occasion when both the Rabbit and the Goat are upset simultaneously - then it’s a toss-up as to who will comfort who first, if at all. Most of the time, however, these two Signs are ideal for each other’s emotional requirements.

Rabbit Man and Goat Woman Love

Goats are very artistic and love beauty. The two of you will nurture each other’s artistic talents, and your diplomacy will help the Goat just enough to inspire her to use her intelligence and abilities, rather than letting them go to waste. The gentle Goat hates conflict just as much as you do, and will not push o press you for resolution. This should be a calm, peaceful, loving, and mutually supportive relationship.

Where you may run into problems is when both of you are feeling anxious or moody at the same time. In this state, neither of you are capable of giving solace to the other, but you will both be making emotional demands. It is best if each of you keeps some close friends in whom you can confide when this situation arises.

You may find that your Goats is unhappy if you do not provide her with many beautiful things. Goat do love to be surrounded by fine things, but you are not driven to be rich and highly successful. You tend to be happy as long as you have enough, but Goats sometimes demand more from a partner. She will need to compromise, if she loves you, because it is unfair to expect you to work so hard if she is not willing to do so herself. With your communication skills, you will probably be able to get her to see your point of view, and this union will be stable in the long term.

The Rabbit and Goat in love also avoid conflict like the plague. While the rabbit might prefer to find solace in their home during times of conflict, the sheep will often opt for the great outdoors. Either way, this Chinese love match will do almost anything to keep the peace, especially between each other. Yet, all in all, the rabbit and the goat make a quite the cooperative pairing. It should prove a success.

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