Rabbit Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Horse woman, it can be very difficult for them. He likes to stay at home while she wants to be out with other people. Fights over money, a woman’s place and other issues will likely make them split up.

Chinese Rabbit and Horse have different expectations out of life. In order for this relationship to work, Rabbit needs to learn how to do things on their own and Horse needs to learn how to focus on the relationship. If they can do this, they will have a nice life together. Rabbit will most likely make the most concessions in this pairing.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit Horse relationship is one pairing that will take some work, but it’s not impossible. Now, this Rabbit and Horse love match is not a particularly emotional relationship in terms of love compatibility. The horse tends to be somewhat more concerned with their own pursuits than those of anyone else. Yet with a partner such as the rabbit, who prefers to keep its emotions to him, this should not be a huge source of contention.

The horse will be calling the shots in this relationship – there’s no mistaking that. Horses are headstrong, even stubborn; they have to have their way. And they must have their independence. The rabbit usually can respect and understand this, since they like their independence, as well. They will prefer to stay home much more than their partner, though, which may or may not cause tension, depending on how confident they feel about each other.

The male Rabbit and the female Horse can get along quite well together. The female Horse is full of excitement and spontaneous passion, and the male Rabbit has his ego stroked and flattered by her vibrant displays of obvious affection - not to mention his physical needs amply satisfied after hours.

The Rabbit needs this sort of attention in order to satisfy his security needs, and this reassurance is exactly what the rampant desires of the Horse deliver to him. The Rabbit stands in awe and envy of his partner’s evident energy, while the Horse can rely on the Rabbit to always be there for her when times are tough. These two Signs support each other beautifully, in a match destined to go the distance.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman Love

People born under the sign of the Horse are a bit like the wild mustang. Their emotions rule their decisions, and they enjoy throwing themselves headlong into the wind. They begin serious relationships quickly, and may overwhelm you with romance and affection. Horses are quick thinkers, but don’t always look at all the consequences before acting. A Horse could certainly use your help in making well considered choices!

Horses are natural optimists, and you may admire a Horse for her ability to believe that good things will happen. She is much more of a risk taker than you are, and that makes her quite daring and attractive. The Horse is full of an enthusiasm and zest for life that is contagious.

There is a definite possibility of conflict in this union because of your differences. You may feel scared by the way your Horse throws herself into new projects on a whim, because you are very good at sensing potential problems and conflict. She is likely to think that you are too much of a worrier, or that you don’t trust her. Really, you operate on rationality and she operates on instinct or intuition. If you can learn to take a few risks (because her intuition in generally sound) and she can learn to pause and think something through briefly before jumping right in, you are likely to have a strong relationship.

With some dedication, the horse and rabbit marriage can form a lasting union, although it will take some commitment on both sides. Commitment is something that can be a challenge for the male rabbit, especially if it is not entirely convinced. The female horse will not necessarily have such a problem committing, so long as her lover respects her freedom. The Horse will reassure you and support you, and calm you down in periods of anxiety. You will be a calming influence on her life all the time.

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