Rabbit Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Monkey woman, they love theoretical conversations. They remain on a cerebral level for most areas of their lives together. She hates change or unexpected surprises. He loves change and the unexpected. He may be a bit rigid for her taste, though she can admit when she is wrong.

Chinese Rabbit and Monkey make excellent friends. When it comes to romance, everything that made them the best of friends will work to pull them apart. Monkey wants to be out on the town, while Rabbit prefers to remain at home. If Rabbit can open up a bit more to life and Monkey can be more supportive of Rabbit, they may make it work.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

Initially, both the rabbit and monkey will be drawn to each other, most likely from across the room at a party. They will have a mutual respect for each other’s personalities. The Rabbit Monkey relationship will be one with much potential for hostility – on both sides. They will soon find that they have nothing in common and they will both come to the same conclusion.

The Chinese monkey animal sign will make the rabbit laugh. They will love how the rabbit intently gives him or her its undivided attention. They will chatter here and there, analyzing the rest of those at the function, laughing that someone else had the exact same thought, yet the party stops soon there after. Soon when the Rabbit is dating the Monkey, they will find that they don’t have much else to talk about, as they already have run over the issue time and time again in their own heads.

The male Rabbit is by far the quieter and more reserved of these two, which allows the female Monkey to take the lead when it comes to this interesting combination of personalities. The Rabbit can develop a keen grasp of the Monkey’s emotional strategies that will enable it to counteract policy from time to time and occasionally put its two cents in when decision-making time rolls around.

Rabbit man can also issue an emergency veto when it’s plain that Monkey woman’s antics will result in destroying the relationship if left unchecked. The Rabbit provides perspective that the Monkey lacks, and as long as his patience holds out, these two could actually manage to make it work for quite some time.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman Love

Monkeys, like Rabbits, are creative. They are also quick thinkers. Unfortunately, they often use their intelligence and creativity to manipulate others for their own benefit. Monkeys are tricksters, and tend to look out for themselves first and foremost. You will find a Monkey very charming. Monkeys often work in sales because they are simply brilliant at closing a deal.

Watching them work is an interesting experience. Because of these talents, Monkeys rarely have a problem finding a job or a romantic partner. The problem is, once a Monkey feels like she has something for sure, she tends to lose interest. If you love a Monkey, you may have to play some of her own games to keep her guessing.

You will see easily through the Monkey’s games, because you always notice fine print, tricks, and scams. Luckily, this will win the Monkey’s respect. A Monkey dismisses men that she believes are beneath her, and intelligence is something she admires. If a Monkey really loves you, she will turn her quick mind to pleasing you, and will be devoted enough to give up some of her selfishness.

Since Monkeys are such tricksters themselves, it can be difficult to get a Monkey to trust you. It is important that you build this trust, because a Monkey will benefit from your wisdom and advice. Once you establish trust and the Monkey puts her games away, you will be a powerful and successful team. Since you are often moody, you will benefit from the Monkey’s endless optimism, and the ambitious Monkey will benefit from your wise caution and advice.

The luck of a Rabbit combined with the intelligence of the Monkey is a great combination. You will do well in this relationship.

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