Rabbit Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and an Ox woman, they can end up being pretty happy together. She may get a bit tired of his overt affection. She doesn’t like being waited on, even though he is only doing it to show his love. They both love children.

Chinese Rabbit and Ox are extremely compatible. They can easily have a relationship built on warmth, compassion and trust. They have a lot in common like enjoying quiet nights at home that keep them both cuddled up and happy. Neither one really like crowds and is much happier staying with their friends and family.

Rabbit Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit and Ox compatibility has a lot of potential. It’s not a match made it heaven, but it’s not a match made in hell, either. The rabbit and the ox are two very different signs. The rabbit is the whimsical one of the two, while the ox is anything but. They are one of the most practical of the Chinese zodiac.

In the ox the male or female rabbit will find the most dependable of soul mates, as this is a sign that can actually carry the world on its shoulders. The important thing is that the ox is happy to do so. This can serve the rabbit very well, in the day-to-day, financial matters and even in matters of the heart – if they are let in. They cannot promise much sympathy, as that is not its nature, but they will work hard to find a solution to whatever ails their partner.

These two Signs are made for each other, as both are decidedly the marrying kind and will gleefully escort each other straight to the nearest altar. The male Rabbit is very much a creature of routine, and the solid and dependable female Ox will confirm him in his view of a regular reality. She will be more than happy to handle the household accounts, and in all respects keep their conjoined lives running like a Swiss watch.

True, the two may end up in a bit of a rut, especially in bed after hours, but neither Sign is exactly what one might call a creature of novelty, and these two see reassurance where others might discern the ugly specter of monotony. The two can rely on each other, and that alone trumps any number of fancy declarations of intent for them.

Rabbit Man and Ox Woman Love

It’s hard to find a more supportive and steady partner than an Ox. Oxen do not quite once they’ve decided to do something, and they never tell secrets. If you admire an Ox, you have probably noticed how she never forgets a promise, and repays every favor promptly. She works steadily, sticking to her plan until the job is done. Her word is truly her bond. She resists being rushed, and doesn’t procrastinate. There is much to admire about Oxen. Although they can take a long time to make up their minds, that is because they want to make the most intelligent decision possible. An Ox is a loyal mate who can be counted upon to provide for her family.

Thanks to the Ox’s dependability, she will be there for you when you are moody. Her calm attitude and willingness to work things out no matter what it takes will reassure you. In return, your relaxed attitude is good for an Ox. You can encourage her to take a break from hard work now and again to just enjoy life. Both of you are rather domestic, and strongly prefer a quiet evening at home to going out, so you will not end up fighting over plans. On the rare occasion when the Ox is wrong, your negotiating skills have a good chance of convincing her to listen-and getting an Ox to take advice is no easy task!

You must try hard to keep up with the Ox’s work ethic. If she feels you are slacking she may push too hard, and you will feel attacked. This can set off your "conflict alarm" and cause you to do anything you can to avoid that tension. This won’t last forever, and eventually the Ox will corner you and demand that you address the issue, which will stress you out. It’s best to head this problem off by keeping lines of communication open and always doing your fair share. If you can do that, this will be a long lasting and happy relationship.

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