Rabbit Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Pig woman, they have a gentle, tender relationship. She will be earthy; he will be genteel. They both appreciate what the other brings to the relationship. They will have a happy union free of material worries as long as he is careful in his finances. These two will be exquisitely happy together in all aspects of their life.

Chinese Rabbit and Pig make a very happy couple. These two will get on well no matter if they are best friends, lovers or siblings. Pig is generous and amiable and Rabbit is compassionate and perceptive. Both signs are capable of great forgiveness. In business, Pig usually takes center stage while Rabbit comes up with creative ideas. They are both affectionate and support each other. They love to stay home but their life is anything but boring! They both love beautiful things and their home will reflect this. They love to entertain.

Rabbit Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit and Pig compatibility has the potential to grow into a very harmonious relationship. In love and friendship, the rabbit and the pig will suit each other just fine. They will get along well in the day-to-day, but this is also a pairing that will be filled with romance.

This is a partnership that will share many common interests as both the rabbit and pig have an affinity for the arts. They will converse about music, artwork, even go to the theatre when the rabbit can coerce the pig out of its home. A quiet picnic in the park after an afternoon at the museum would suit this couple just fine.

This Rabbit and Pig relationship will be mutually beneficial. As lovers they will each lift the other up, each wanting to be better for the other. They will be receptive to the other’s needs and respectful of the other’s hopes and desires.

The male Rabbit and the female Pig have a stately and decorous approach to crafting the relationship of their dreams, and they generally succeed in remaining together for the duration. Both of these Signs prefer peace and quiet, and if the female Pig likes to go out on the town a bit more often than the stay-at-home Rabbit, it is perfectly all right with him - he won’t get bent out of shape.

The sensible Rabbit isn’t going to make a mountain out of a molehill, and should the Pig get into some sort of trouble, the Rabbit can usually jury-rig a solution in no time. These two enjoy their alone time to a great extent, and share a quirky sense of humor. Despite the odd annoyance, there is no better pair to be found in the Chinese Zodiac.

Rabbit Man and Pig Woman Love

Pigs have a lot in common with Rabbits. It is natural for these two to gravitate towards each other. Pigs are bright and social, and they dislike conflict almost as much as you do! When you see a Pig at a party, she is not likely to be the center of attention, but she is probably friends with the people who are. Pigs mend conflicts between their friends easily, and are very supportive. They don’t mind being a shoulder to cry on. Sometime Pigs indulge a little too much.

Despite their indulgences, Pigs are hard workers. If a Pig commits herself to something she works steadily at it and sees it through. Pigs usually have a good balance in their lives between work and pleasure, even though they have such a keen appreciation of beautiful things and other indulgences.

You will get along very well with a Pig in a long term relationship. You both enjoy being surrounded by beauty and art, and will have fun decorating your home together. You are also likely to enjoy the art of nature in all the seasons. A Pig is sensitive enough to know when she is pushing you too hard, and pull back so that she doesn’t scare you off.

The Pig will support you during your moody times, and you will help her stay on task when she wants to play a little more than she wants to work. Both of you will benefit from this union, and there will be little friction between the two of you. You are likely to be very happy even without a lot of effort.

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