Rabbit Man Rabbit Woman

Rabbits will be very happy together as long as they do not want for financial security. If they have a large family and little money, they will worry their lives away. Their common interests are enough to fill a lifetime. They both will enjoy entertaining their friends. One issue they must face is that each is exceptional at finding fault with their mates. Both are perfectionists and have a difficult time overlooking defects in others. If they can overcome this, they will have a happy life together.

Chinese Rabbit and Rabbit can be great friends or lovers. They will have a lovely life together based on compassion and love. They both love to stay at home or entertaining at home in a quiet manner. On the other hand, neither one may have a practical bone in their body. Rabbits tend to idealize relationships and not see the real picture. They tend to worry a lot, and once the blush is off the relationship they will tend to need support from those around them to stay positive. If they find the support they need, the relationship will be a sweet one.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit Rabbit relationship is one that could work…or it just could not. Being the same zodiac sign, these rabbits have many similarities; their outlook on life is essentially the same. Yet, on the other hand, too many similarities can also breed boredom and conflict within the partnership. The success of this Rabbit Rabbit friendship will depend on the rest of their charts.

This Rabbit Rabbit couple in love will spend the majority of their relationship in the clouds. As rabbits, they are both idealists, preferring to dream rather than be grounded in reality. This can make the dating between two rabbits quite the whimsical affair. But one day those dreams will have to live up to reality – otherwise there will be stormy seas up ahead for these two love birds.

The happy conjunction of two members of the Rabbit Sign promises unlimited harmony, peace and prosperity for both parties. No fiery arguments here - these two like to keep everything on an even keel and run a tight and dignified household. They consider discord beneath them, and will do their best to smooth any ruffled fur that may arise.

The two Rabbits will attempt to retreat from an unpleasant world into a safe environment of their own making, but they should keep one eye on the skies of reality so as not to be caught unawares by any horrific eventuality that may arise to threaten their artificial paradise. Few couples are so well matched as this one, and it will only strengthen as time passes.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman Love

If you’re wondering what it would be like to attempt a relationship with another Rabbit, you can rest assured that it is mostly smooth sailing. Two talented negotiators won’t have much to fight about. Even if you stay up until morning debating an issue, it is not likely to devolve into a fight. Both of you are masters of the civil argument.

You are so sensitive to each other’s feelings that conflict is not likely to arise. For example, neither one of you would embarrass anyone in public, and you would help even your worst enemy avoid that fate. You both need to be careful that you aren’t hiding any problems that could turn into resentment, since both of you deal so badly with conflict. Many couples split up because they don’t communicate properly, and your fear of tension could end up holding you back.

Initially, the Rabbit Rabbit soulmates will be drawn to each other due to their identical approach to life. They will admire the other’s outlook and persona; they will have much in common and similar social interests. Yet, if these two rabbits want to make this relationship work in the long run, they must commit to communication.

Otherwise, all the hopes and dreams they so eagerly applied in the early stages of their relationship will quickly diminish and both the Rabbit man and Rabbit woman will start to wander in search of their perfect mate. As long as you can remember that sometimes hard work has to be done and you can’t just relax all the time, your relationship is likely to be a strong one.

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