Rabbit Man Rat Woman

When the pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Rat woman, they may find that neither one wants to make concessions. While they may be very attracted to each other in the beginning, soon it turns to mutual irritation because they share so many similarities. Still, they may find being together is better than being alone.

Chinese Rabbit and Rat make great friends; they are not so hot when they are in an intimate relationship. Rabbit is shy and retiring while Rat wants to be the center of attention and have adventures. Even though they can have quite a bit of passion between them. Rabbit tends to hold back a bit, causing Rat to wonder why. If both partners can overcome these differences, they may be able to make it work.

Rabbit Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Rabbit and Rat love compatibility can be very good or very bad. As with any relationship, differences can be worked on and progress can be made. Yet the rabbit rat compatibility will take a good deal more effort than the average, often leaving the two asking, “Why? For what”? This is a partnership in which they have will end up working more against the relationship than for it.

The rat is always thinking forward, how to get ahead, and usually with the least amount of work possible. The rabbit, on the other hand, keeps their thoughts to themselves, because they are always dreaming, not grounded in the here and now. They feels its best to not bother the rest of the world with those thoughts – because they might bother the rest of the world.

The male Rabbit may feel threatened in his maleness by the female Rat’s quick and easy assumption of the superior position in the relationship of these two Signs. The female Rat’s strong sense of goals and drive to attain them may seem off-putting to the more prosaic Rabbit, as well as her intensity of emotion - even if devoted to him, she may only serve to frighten him away with what he considers her overly-demonstrative behavior.

The Rat in turn may become contemptuous of her reluctant significant other and subject him to the cruel whip of her interpersonal judgment, which can leave scars on the tender Rabbit soul that time won’t heal. These two are better off finding partners that are more appropriate to each other’s level.

Rabbit Man and Rat Woman Love

A Rat can be quite a good partner for you. You both have rather pessimistic natures, which means you should have a strong support networks of friends outside your marriage, for times when both of you are down and don’t have the resources to cheer the other one up. Rats are a little more social than you are, but they are very devoted to their families, so your Rat would never neglect you or the children to enjoy herself with friends.

Rats, like you, are good with money. Unfortunately, they can get taken in by bargains that seem too good to be true, so you can use your excellent sense to steer them towards to honest good deals. Rats are very intelligent and intuitive. They instinctively sense danger, so if your Rat tells you trouble in on the way, you need to take her seriously and make preparations to deal with it.

The big fault of the Rat is that she tries to do far too much at once. With her attention and energy scattered around on different projects and tasks, she runs the risk of becoming ineffective, too stressed, or burning herself out. Your calm reassurances will really come in handy to help her calm down, and you must also help her narrow down her list of tasks so that she can focus more easily.

To be honest, the Rabbit and Rat marriage is not the most favorable of unions. Of course, a Rabbit Rat friendship can function, but if there is much better compatibility found among other signs, why not go for the gold, instead? The majority of the time it will end up being a short fling. The Rabbit will quietly break up as if nothing happened and erasing it from its memory as quickly as it started.

All in all, this is quite a fruitful relationship. There are no major areas of concern or contention. You are always kind and considerate of your partner, and nothing is more important to a Rat than her family, so all should be well. Be careful: when the Rat is stressed she can anxious, edgy, and begin to nag. Your first instinct is to avoid conflict at all costs, but do not run away from such a strong relationship.

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