Rabbit Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Rooster woman, he may be pessimistic and depressed. His infatuation with her will soon be corrected when they begin to clash. She likes a hectic, disorderly lifestyle while he likes tranquility and order. Both are hardworking and realistic, and if they can work through their issues, they may make an okay life out of it. They make better friends than lovers, so they should steer away from romance.

Chinese Rabbit and Rooster do best if they are acquaintances. Rooster is loving but has no clue how to provide the support system that Rabbit needs. Rabbit’s emotional outbursts frustrate them and they may end up being a nag or a bully. Rabbit will get frustrated with the Rooster’s inflexibility and desire for perfection. They feel they are the only one putting forth any effort in the relationship. If this combination is to work, both need to accept the negative traits of the other.

Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

Unfortunately, the Rabbit and Rooster relationship will be a difficult union. Both will have trouble understanding each other’s commitment to their respective lifestyles. Or it may just be that the rabbit won’t be able to understand commitment. These creatures shy away from anything too serious. And the rooster is a rather serious specimen, a slave to rule and order, the perfectionist of the Chinese Zodiac.

The rabbit and rooster in love will require much communication and most likely even more forgiveness. But those are elements required in even the most perfect of unions, this pair will just have to work a lot harder. Though the love compatibility in this zodiac match isn’t too great, compromise and understanding between the couple can improve the situation.

The male Rabbit may not be able to deal with the boundless energy of the female Rooster. The Rabbit is a Sign of peace and quiet, and the Rooster’s ebullient self-promotion can serve to shatter the tranquility that the Rabbit has surrounded himself with by choice. From the other perspective, the female Rooster may wonder what she’s doing wasting her precious time on some boring stick-in-the-mud as the Rabbit appears to be.

The chances of this attempted match working out are slim to none - each will regard the other as a species of idiot, and will break camp sooner rather than later to find someone whose mental and emotional levels more closely resemble their own. Each of these Signs is a living refutation of the lifestyle of the other - they could never match up.

Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman Love

Roosters are not the greatest lovers for Rabbits. A Rooster is quick-witted; she thinks fast, and she acts fast. Furthermore, she does not have a lot of respect for others who can’t or won’t do the same. A Rooster’s schedule is always packed and organized, and she will not be impressed if you are late for an appointment, even if the appointment is not with her! Roosters organize their lives and finances perfectly, and need partners who do the same. If their partners can’t do that, they are willing to handle all the organization in the relationship, but they can’t stand people who are unwilling to be as efficient as they are.

Roosters do sometimes need to be in the spotlight. It’s hard to miss a Rooster who always cuts a fine and beautiful figure in fashionable, well-fitting clothes. If you date a Rooster, you may sometimes feel neglected when she is playing up to a crowd.

Resentment is likely to build between the two of you, because the Rooster will always be pushing you to make your life as regimented as her own. You are more sensitive, and need more room in your life for emotion and changing your mind. You will avoid the issue because you don’t want to fight, and it will grow and push a wedge between you.

A Rooster’s brain works on pure logic, and Roosters do not hold back. They are brutally honest. They mean no offense, but they have a hard time understanding why you would be offended by a criticism if it’s true. They do not sugar coat their words, and are likely to hurt your feelings time and time again. You definitely require a more sensitive partner who is willing to phrase things more delicately and be supportive of your moods. This partnership is not really a well-advised one.

Despite their differences, the rabbit and rooster marriage does share some common ground. They are both very particular about who they reveal themselves to. Beneath the rooster’s hard shell is a human being with a huge heart, willing to do whatever for those they love. The same can be said for the rabbit. It is a loving and caring individual, devoted when it finds its match. The Rabbit Rooster friendship can be a loyal pairing, so long as they understand that their seemingly preoccupied lives are not indicative of a lack of love for the other.

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