Rabbit Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Snake woman, her extravagance may cause friction. He needs to keep a tight hold of their financial situation. She appears irresponsible to him but usually gets her way. They will enjoy great conversation and have a great time together until their tempers clash. If they cannot overcome their differences, all is lost.

Chinese Rabbit and Snake make great friends. They can also make a successful love relationship. They begin with a lot of passion. Snake loves the attention and really loves the Rabbit’s shyness. Rabbit can be drawn out by the sensuousness of Snake. Rabbit teaches Snake about the joys of cuddling.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

Although the Rabbit Snake couple may not be the most preferred match according to the Chinese Zodiac, this is one that has a chance, so long as they use their similarities and their differences to their advantage. The rabbit and the snake friendship will initially hit it off through a lively conversation.

When they are dating each other, they will discover they have the same tastes, that is, the finer, usually more expensive tastes, in life. They will make plans for some upcoming play or to have dinner a critically acclaimed restaurant they haven both been dying to try. Yet sooner or later, both will gravitate towards the home, being the introverted beings they both are.

Both the male Rabbit and the female Snake prefer to cuddle together in their secret safe corner, away from the toils of daily life. In their cozy nest they will feel free enough to explore the depths of each other’s sensuality, and will reap rich rewards doing so. The Snake will be more inclined to arrange parties for some of their friends on a regular basis in order to avoid complete social stagnation, and the Rabbit will grow accustomed to this level of interaction.

The Rabbit may be occasionally annoyed with the Snake’s forays into novelty, but these will be kept to minimum, and generally these two personalities are quite well adapted to each other’s company. These two make a very strong couple that should last for some time.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman Love

Snakes are very strong and clear-headed in a crisis. They will be able to protect you from what you fear most-conflict. A Snake will fend off would be fighters with her cool confidence and presence of mind. Snakes are fond of expensive things, and will save their money for quality items. Luckily, Snakes are very good at handling money, and she will never spend more than you can afford. She is likely to appreciate your taste in art and decoration. Snakes are great lovers of the arts and she will be quite fond of your artistic talent and vision.

Snakes are individuals who like to do things independently most of the time. Since you are not clingy or jealous, this will suit you as long as you are not in a fragile mood. During those times, your Snake will need to be around to comfort you. Snakes can be quite romantic, but it is difficult for them to trust even those closest to them.

A Snake is always a passionate and jealous lover. You had better not play around or dally, because her affection will turn icy and she never forgets a grudge. Luckily this sort of thing is not really a part of your nature. Snakes will give you the romance you crave and respect you so long as you do the same. Be wary of too much negativity, because once a Snake is hurt it is nearly impossible for her to forgive.

With a little love and care this will be a very fruitful relationship. Good communication and practical thought will ensure success in this Chinese love match.

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