Rabbit Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Tiger woman, they initially see in the other what they lack. She will be outgoing, impulsive and strong willed, while he is courteous, soft spoken and prefers to stay at home. This can lead to conflict.

Chinese Rabbit and Tiger usually get on well together, though they may have clashes and disagreements. Tiger is outgoing and wants their freedom, which may leave shy Rabbit feeling neglected. Rabbit usually lets Tiger be the dominant partner, which is initially pleasing to Tiger. This may wear thin, however over time. They may tend to compete against each other... this can prevent them from being happy. When they stop competing they will be content.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The rabbit-tiger relationship may be one which might be tough to work out. At first the rabbit might be intrigued by the tiger, drawn to it’s powerful and noble nature, but soon the meek rabbits may be overwhelmed by this cantankerous animal.

Now, to the tiger, the rabbit will most likely pose a challenge. And they love a challenge. Challenge means adventure. Challenge means risk. And the tiger man or woman loves all those things. The shy rabbit on the other hand – those things aren’t their cup of tea. These things are a little scary for them. And that may be something that will pull the two apart.

The tiger will want to seek out danger and adventure in the wild beyond and the rabbit would rather crawl back into its hole. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that both these Chinese Zodiac signs are very independent as the rabbit-tiger compatibility does not give any guarantees.

The male Rabbit prefers a regular home environment - which is precisely what the flamboyant female Tiger is not going to provide for him in any reliable quantity. The female Tiger may provide the male Rabbit with new and exciting experiences, both in and out of bed, but these will prove to be short-lived, as his regular habits conspire to bore her to tears.

By the time she is convinced it’s better to leave, the male Rabbit will be glad of a chance to catch his breath. These two just have too many differences for it to work out, but that doesn’t mean they’ll end up hating each other. This is not one for the ages, but it will be fun while it lasts, and the Rabbit at least will brag about it for years afterward.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman Love

If you are in love with a Tiger, you should be aware that she is probably too intense for you. Tigers are bundles of passion, and she would be a great protector for you, and willing to fight all of your battles, but Tigers are not usually subtle when making demands of their mates. She is likely to lash out at you if she feels you aren’t doing your share in the relationship.

Tigers need a lot of love and affection when they are feeling down, and she will probably not get quite what she is looking for from you. You are careful, cautious, and intellectual in your thinking, and Tigers are very emotional when they get upset. They don’t want to hear logic, but that is the solace you tend to give. Obviously you are not a good match in this regard.

Although a Tiger could really use your careful, well thought out advice sometimes, she is not likely to listen. Tigers are determined, independent, and stubborn, and tend to do what they want. It’s a shame, because she would really benefit from the words of caution you offer.

A Tiger is likely to look down upon your dislike of conflict as being fearful and timid. Tigers have a hard time respecting people who do not confront issues passionately and head-on, as they do. A Tiger would be able to teach you a little about standing up for yourself and being aggressive, but even her teaching style is simply too confrontational for you.

The issue with the rabbit and tiger marriage is not that they are such a horrible match for each other. It’s more that they just are not the most perfect. Both have such great potential to make a difference in the lives of those around them, especially when they use their signs’ characteristics to the fullest.

But the Chinese compatibility between the rabbit and tiger in love mutes those attributes significantly. It doesn’t allow for either to be completely themselves, instead it stifles both parties. Nor will this relationship have the sparks that one would expect from a romantic interlude. The rabbit and the tiger compatibility is just not meant to be for a long time in most cases unless there is intervention of some kind.

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