Rat Man

Men born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Rat are risk takers. They flourish in high-pressure situations and prefer high profile employment, but only if it furthers their opportunities for personal gain. Rat men delight in collecting the finer things in life and will often show off their acquired treasures to friends, family and guests alike.

Women interested in the Rat will be drawn to the gifts he will lavish upon them. There is no end to his generosity to those he holds close, few as they are. While the male Rat may control his finances tightly in business, he is much more likely to spend his fortune completely on the attention of a lover. For this reason, it is important for the Rat man to be on his guard among less than honest mates.

Like the general personality of the Rat, a man or boy of this symbol tend to have very few close friends. Most of their social network usually revolves around business relationships. The Ra man is known to mix pleasure with business and is often seen at clubs and parties. He is a great listener yet is never at a loss for words. This mix of traits allows the him to be an excellent conversationalist and assists the Rat in avoiding embarrassing situations with ease. His quick wit and clever mind allow him to be relevant in any situation.

Rat Man – Personality and Characteristics

To the casual observer, the true Rat male is by no means easy to understand, his personality being a bundle of intricacies and flagrant contradictions. A fanatic party goer and club man he is always welcome in social gatherings, of which he is generally the life and soul. Soft-spoken, courteous, tactful, keenly interested in what people have to say but at the same time never at a loss for words, he perfectly knows the art of making people feel at ease and inclining them to trust him with their secrets. His reputation as an excellent conversationalist is rarely belied.

He also knows how to tell the most unpleasant truths without offending, thereby avoiding to antagonize those with whom he has to deal; his sugar-coated talk helps him get out of all delicate or embarrassing situations. On the infrequent occasions when he deliberately wants to catch his interlocutors off their guard, he has enough mental sharpness and glibness to do so; his ability to shock is unequalled. Whatever the subject under discussion, he is always able to come up with a clever answer or startling, though relevant, comment.

Besides being popular and amusing, this man can be summarized as kind, honest, intelligent, meticulous, methodical, versatile, adaptable to different people, ideas, situations and environments. In sum, he may be anything you want except dull, lazy or devious. Surprisingly enough, the other side of the native’s character shows us a completely different person – a die-hard egoist who remorselessly gets rid of anyone he deems useless to him, an incurable opportunist more concerned with the way the wind blows than with principles and self-respect, and finally a snob constantly obsessed with climbing the social ladder and having all the status symbols of life. In the last analysis, it is interest – especially material interest – that is at the root of almost all his actions and reactions.

The question he never ceases to ask himself, whether consciously or unconsciously, is, “What can I get out of it?” He values his relationships with others in terms of the material gains or honours they may be able to bring him – although he takes the utmost care to conceal his intentions. All his life he attempts to exploit those around him, even the closest members of his family circle, never hesitating to make them work for him in a way or another; to live as a parasite seems to be his ultimate aim. In order to carry out his scheme, he is well-groomed on all occasions, obsequious towards the rich and influential, calm and placid in public but nervous and restless in private. He gives a lot of promises but never wants to honor them to the detriment of his own comfort. He also entertains profusely – not without ulterior motives, of course – but never lends his money to anyone in need.

The Rat male, understandably, can have a large number of acquaintances but very few true friends, if any. He always finds it extremely difficult to get into people’s intimacy and enjoy human warmth. His “strictly businesslike” and high-strung disposition arouses suspicion and reserve instead of inspiring confidence. Even when he tries to be sincere and unselfish, which is a pretty rare eventuality, his air of profiteer can never be completely dispelled despite all his natural charm. As a consequence, he often suffers from frustration and loneliness whereas, due to his highly emotional nature, he desperately needs affection and attention. It is so hard for him to adopt a truly disinterested, let alone generous, attitude towards others that he generally condemns himself to isolation.

There could hardly be a person more tight-fisted than this individual – the wary eye he keeps on expenditure, is well known to all around him. (For this reason the year of the Rat is considered the year of saving.) Some may even take him for stingy as he makes money rather easily. You would be well advised never to ask him to participate in any charity work; it is only when it comes to entertainments or gastronomic pleasures that he does not pinch pennies.

Jittery, this subject abhors routine of any description; to him, variety is the spice of life, and he spares no effort to preserve his liberty of choice, hopping from a job to another throughout his active years. Although sentimental, he is secretive, self-contained, preferring to keep his ideas and problems to himself. He tends to fuss about small matters and become unable to see the forest but for the trees. His judgements are as a rule superficial. And, above all, he often believes himself to be the victim of a lack of comprehension on the part of others.

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