Rat Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Dog woman, they are more friends than lovers, even if they are married. She will help him mature and he will teach her finesse. They are devoted to their children.

Chinese Rat and Dog make a pretty good pair in many cases. Dog is so loyal that they have problems trusting anyone else to show the same amount of loyalty. If they are both open and share their fears, dreams and successes, this relationship can really work. In the bedroom, these two fit nicely together. They boost each other up when they feel out of sorts.

Rat Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

In a rat and dog relationship, they can make a good couple in most cases. A dog is a loyal, sincere, straight forward character. Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that they have the ability to make the pessimistic dog animal sign feel better, as they are happy under the rat’s care.

While a rat is charming, sentimental, and aggressive it’s some of the opposite qualities that attract them to one another. As it turns out they find the Dog sign’s pessimism a great challenge, and they love to be challenged. They also have the ability to see the dog’s qualities as a true friend.

Both the male Rat and the female Dog share a deep desire for privacy, often to the exclusion of each other’s company. Neither party will mind the other’s occasional demands for an increased amount of personal space within the context of this relationship, and that’s what makes them such a good couple.

The savvy of the Rat will help ease the transition through life of his worrisome Dog companion - he’ll be able to answer all of her questions and concerns. The female Dog makes a good cheering section with which to bolster the Rat in times of fading spirit or intellectual sterility. Both of these Signs will return trust with trust in a reinforcing bond of mutual affection. The prospects look good for this dynamic duo.

Rat Man and Dog Woman Love

A Dog is a wonderful partner for you. Although you both have pessimistic and at times anxious attitudes, a Dog’s loyalty will make you feel very comfortable and soothe your anxiety. In return, you will be able to provide a more optimistic attitude that your Dog will find calming.

No one is more loyal than a Dog. This is not a blind loyalty; Dogs are not stupid. A Dog thinks carefully about a love partner, and once she decides to give her affections she is very protective. Dogs need a stable routine, because they do not like surprises. Your Dog will need advance notice about changes or trips. Dogs prefer to stay home, and will need a lot of preparation to be away for an extended period of time.

The two of your will have to be careful to communicate your feelings and needs clearly. You are both more than willing to take care of each other, but you can get caught up in several different projects and forget to check in with your partner, and as a Dog she thinks more logically than intuitively and will not always sense your needs. Smooth communication will make sure you’re both happy.

The Chinese Dog woman and Rat man as soulmates will tend to be more of a friends than in an actual sexual relationship. The dog can help the rat mature as he helps to teach her assurance, poise, and grace. In bed they will be understanding. If they have children, they will remain together, as they are their lives. Family means everything to this Rat Dog compatibility.

You may have outbursts during times of stress, and your Dog may be confused by these. She will be supportive of you in every way because she loves you, but do not be offended if she offers logical advice that doesn’t appeal to your emotions. This is a very fruitful relationship that is worth cultivating.

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