Rat Man Dragon Woman

When the pairing consists of Rat man and Dragon woman, she insists on constant admiration. This may get old for Rat after awhile, but not enough to end the relationship. Rat, in turn, tends to save every penny, leading to bickering between the two of them. Using a sense of humor, they can make things work out in the end. When they do disagree, they tend to be fun for them and they resolve their differences quickly.

Chinese Rat and Dragon make one of the best combinations ever. They thrive on each others’ energy and will do all they can to make their relationship special. In this pairing, Dragon often takes center stage, leaving Rat to orchestrate the rest. Both partners are generally happy with this arrangement. While each sign has negative aspects, in this pairing, each admires the negative aspects of the other. The intelligence of Dragon works well with the work ethic of Rat.

Rat Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The rat and dragon love compatibility will work well together because they each allow the other to maintain their individual freedom. The fact that these two Chinese horoscope signs are able to let one another still remain themselves helps them to develop lasting trust in their relationship.

A dragon, simply put is a born leader, feisty and a perfectionist. All qualities similar to rats, except maybe for the perfectionist, a rat tends to be a little disorganized and often accumulates clutter. The rat is able to play off the dragon’s crazy, intense energy and brings its own with it. The dragon is often over confident, quick to lose their temper, and known to have big mouths.

The female Dragon has what it takes to charm and vamp the male Rat. These two Signs have a synchronous effect on each other’s energy output, and make a very vibrant couple when they hit the town of a weekend night. The Rat serves as the power behind the Dragon’s radiant throne, as she shimmers in the spotlight of the crowd’s affection.

As long as the Rat is comfortable with his mate’s social popularity, he’s all set - these two are graven in stone. But should the green-eyed monster step in and interfere with their mutual ego-tripping, these two could find each other going their own volatile ways separately. Recriminations will be few, however, and perhaps they might get back together again - neither has much of a heart to break when it comes to the other.

Rat Man and Dragon Woman Love

Dragons are powerful people, who are usually surrounded by admirers. Since you are not a jealous or possessive partner, you can handle being with a Dragon where others cannot. Dragons cannot help being magnetic and attractive, and they will inspire love in others even when they are not trying to.

Although Dragons are driven by ambition and the pursuit of power, they are very generous to their loved ones. If you are in a relationship with a Dragon, you may have to put up with her spending long days at the office, but she will make sure your family is comfortable and you will know that you are loved. She will greatly benefit from your wise advice, as Dragons have a tendency to throw themselves into things without thinking. They are so talented and successful that the thought of failure never enters their heads, but of course they will not succeed at everything, and your Dragon will need you to watch out for her.

In this relationship, you are likely to find yourself taking the more domestic role. Luckily, you can be quite content supporting your Dragon, and you will find yourself very proud of her accomplishments. You are intelligent enough to realize that she depends on you for moral support and that she literally would not have the confidence to make her daring leaps without you.

This Rat man Dragon woman relationship is a strong one in terms of love. Sexually, Rat Dragon soulmates makes excellent partners in bed. As long as the Dragon listens to your advice and respects you, the two of you will be quite happy together. The Dragon will get invited to parties which will keep you entertained, and you will have enough money to have a stable household for your family.

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