Rat Man Horse Woman

When the pairing consists of a Rat man and a Horse woman, she will overwhelm him with her strong personality. They are mismatched from the start, they can feel a special connection from the first, but it ultimately goes south.

Chinese Rat and Horse are probably one of the worst pairings in the Chinese zodiac. They are completely opposite in how they approach a relationship. Rat wants to be affectionate and chummy while Horse likes their independence and considers too much affection to be a sign of clinginess. With too much attention, Horse will begin to feel trapped. When this happens they want to run away and be free. They will get impatient and argue. This makes Rat feel unappreciated or taken advantage of, which leads to resentment.

Rat Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

When a Chinese horoscope sign rat cares about someone they can be very generous with those individuals. Being family oriented is one the rats best zodiac traits. A rat enjoys being close friendly and affectionate. They love to socialize and be the center of attention. They have a deep sentimental attachment to things, and are very shrewd with money.

The horse animal sign on the other hand has an overwhelming need for love and intimacy. The horse in known to have more than enough sex appeal, tons of energy and quite the temper. They can be awfully insensitive, this can be problematic for the Rat and Horse relationship as the rat will feel unappreciated.

A Rat and Horse in love make quiet an interesting pair. Both the rat and the horse have a constant need for stimulation and quick wits. Be it in bed or as soul mates, their love compatibility is always a battle of wits!

Rats and Horses both have strong emotions, and the male and the female of each species may initially find themselves swept into the clutches of a whirlwind of passion. For the longest time they will be oblivious in each otherโ€™s firm embrace, but after a while the Rat may become wary of losing his identity in the shuffle and may begin to draw back a bit from such a total association.

This will send the Horse into a spiral of anxious rage, which will cause the Rat to withdraw further, and so on and so on, until the relationship is on the rocks. It will take a great deal of patience (and perhaps a degree of maturity that the female Horse does not possess) for these two to make things work. The bets are far from certain, and should not be placed.

Rat Man and Horse Woman Love

While you may have great passion with a Horse, she is not the best partner for you. You keep your emotions close, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. You value subtlety and diplomacy, and she favors honestly so brutal that it is likely to offend you. You prefer cautious decisions and back up plans whereas she needs to follow the wind and gallop off wherever her heart leads her without thinking about it too much.

A Horseโ€™s tendency to follow her heart can lead her to betray her lover. She gets swept up in whirlwind romances, and before she knows it she has harmed her primary relationship. Since you value family and a stable home so strongly, she would need to curb this impulse greatly in order for this union to have a chance at working. You cannot just wander about for days seeking adventure when you have a family that depends on you.

The Rat and Horse love compatibility can be a tremendously powerful connection at first between a horse man and rat woman. The problem here is the woman feels no real security from the man. Often times the horse as a man will make the woman feel as though she is merely a possession of his. This Chinese horoscope love match can actually be prone to ending in a very negative manner. This union is not the strongest, and would require a huge amount of compromise in order for it to work. You need to understand that your Horse needs some room to run, and she needs to realize that it is not all about her.

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