Rat Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Monkey woman, it still works great. They get along well the vast majority of the time unless she strays. He can become jealous of her flirtatious ways. They make great friends, and many couples in this pairing will have that to sustain them through any rocky times.

Chinese Rat and Monkey are full of energy. They have an active social life and like adventure. They are both rather extreme, and this may cause competition between them. Fortunately, these two love to argue and be dramatic. These two make sparks in the bedroom. Rat may need to learn to control their jealousy, however as Monkey may get sidetracked with an affair or two.

Rat Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac sign Monkey is one to crave constant stimulation and is often involved in many activities to keep them busy. They are always out for themselves, but not in a bad insensitive manner, they are simply curious. They are unable to admit their faults. They need to learn to think of others. The rat animal sign need to stimulation and love of social events really makes this pair compatible. A rat’s love of friends and family may be able to shine some light on the monkey in this aspect.

The rat and monkey in love make an incredibly energetic pair. Both the rat and monkey thrive on social gatherings and parties. These two really have a great time together; they feed off one another’s energy. One is a born performer and loves being the center of attention. While the other loves to be social and not exactly in the direct spotlight.

These two Signs get along together like gangbusters. Both the male Rat and female Monkey have very low thresholds for boredom, which means that they’ll be constantly egging each other on into new situations with good action potential, thereby becoming playmates as well as lovers. Both are highly demonstrative, but the Rat may be more so and can unnerve his cohort with the power of his expression.

The foundation of this relationship is a species of friendly competition between these two as they jockey for a position of control. The female Monkey often comes out on top in this power struggle, but their mutual amicability allows the male Rat to pull some levers unobtrusively behind the curtain and thereby retain his self-respect.

Rat Man and Monkey Woman Love

Monkeys make good partners for you. Monkeys are known for their trickery, but you see through their tricks, and a Monkey will respect that. In fact, a Monkey will have a great deal of admiration for someone she can’t fool. Monkeys are charming and seductive, but you have a fair amount of charm yourself. You are likely to have a playful and passionate courtship. You both have sharp wits and will enjoy using them on each other.

A Monkey is an eternal optimist, and she will reassure you when you are feeling anxious and negative. Monkeys are used to good luck and success, and she will take a break from her various schemes to cheer you up when you are feeling low. Although Monkeys can be flighty, you are intelligent and challenging enough to keep her interest from moving on to another man.

One challenge for both of you is staying focussed. You have a lot of energy, but you tend to scatter it amongst too many different tasks. Monkeys have short attention spans and bounce from scheme to scheme and plot to plot, losing interest as soon as it is no longer challenging. You will need to remind each other to stay focussed so that anything can get done.

Chinese horoscope compatibility predicts that a relationship between a Rat man and Monkey woman will still flourish fabulously, unless the monkey strays. The rat can become extremely jealous of her flirtatious nature and become a little too possessive.

Domestic chores may fall to you in this relationship, although some Monkeys have trouble holding down a job, in which case you will have to be the breadwinner. You are skilful and do not mind taking care of your family in any way necessary, so this can work out. As long as the Monkey refrains from trying to trick you too often, the two of you will get along just fine.

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