Rat Man Ox Woman

When the pairing is between a Rat man and an Ox woman, her strong sense of right and wrong will keep him on the straight and narrow. She will allay his worries and he will bring flexibility, refinement and open-mindedness to the partnership. In their intimate relationship, both are very sensual. They are a good match and love to lavish attention on each other. They are not often jealous.

When Chinese Rat and Ox get together, it seems an unlikely pair. In actuality they can be very happy together. The Ox offers stability, while the Rat offers activity and ambition. They are both extremely loyal. They do well together financially. The Ox will keep the Rat from overspending on unnecessary things. The Rat has the ability to draw the shy Ox out of hiding while the Ox will keep the Rat grounded in reality. They both love family and will do anything for their loved ones.

Rat Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Chinese zodiac Rats are considered charming, yet aggressive, shrewd with money and extremely sentimental. The Ox often tends to be persistent and stubborn but they are responsible and loyal. An ox also has an astonishing memory, and will remember everything. Both the rat and the ox are very hard working and extraordinarily family oriented.

Neither the Chinese rat sign nor the ox has jealous tendencies. In fact the ox enjoys monotony and is trustworthy. The rat however can get bored and tire of the monotonous routine of the ox’s life. This can be easily avoided if the two animal signs work together.

The Rat and Ox Chinese zodiac compatibility can go well, as a rat has the ability to draw the ox out of concealment and make them a little more social. Rats enjoy being social and love to be the center of attention. The ox doesn’t mind this and actually finds it an endearing quality in the rat.

The male Rat and the female Ox can easily appreciate each other’s preference for privacy. The Ox tends to be the organizer of the day-to-day existence of the couple, while the Rat will be responsible for the far horizons and long-term plans. They keep each other in ship-shape condition with sensible advice.

A great deal of mutual respect can build between the male Rat and the female Ox, as both can be serious and hardworking individuals when the chips are down. The Rat can be a bit more outgoing, which will irk the Ox partner and make her jealous from time to time, but in the end these little spats will only serve to liven and thereby cement what promises to be a beautiful union. These two play for keeps.

Rat Man and Ox Woman Love

Oxen are stubborn and hard-headed. It may seem like they are contrary, but really the refuse to change their minds because they carefully considered all the options before making their decision. You need great talent and subtlety to get an Ox to change her mind once she has made it up, or to change her plans once she has decided on a course of action.

Oxen make very dependable partners. Once they have committed to something, they see it through no matter what. You will admire how an Ox always keeps her word. Oxen care about their families just as much as you do, and your Ox will make sure that you are all comfortable and happy, no matter how hard she has to work.

An Ox will appreciate that you use your head and are fairly steady emotionally. An Ox loves to be supportive of her partner, but she doesn’t understand emotionally intense people. She will have no problem handling your occasional anxiety, and her steadiness will reassure you greatly.

You will need to make sure that you gently encourage the Ox to put down her work occasionally and just enjoy herself. She will benefit from your social tendencies, just as you will benefit from her quiet, hardworking habits. Oxen do not get mad often, but when they do their anger is intense. If you find that you have aroused this anger, which is unlikely, you must be humble enough to apologize and then give the Ox a wide berth until she cools off.

According to Chinese horoscope compatibility, never before has there been a more unlikely pair of people in a relationship. You may feel unappreciated if your Ox does not listen when you warn her of danger. After a few occurrences, she should begin to see how intuitive you are, and trust you enough to actually change her plans. All in all, this has all the potential to be a successful and happy relationship.

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