Rat Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Pig woman, they may indulge a bit too much in the good life. They are a bit naive when together, and they may end up irresponsible or unrealistic. While he tends not to stray, it may prove difficult because she places so much trust in him that she never asserts her rights.

Chinese Rat and Pig do well together as long as they lay the groundwork to support them. They need something in common to fall back on when the first blush of the relationship fades. By understanding each other, they can reach success. Pig is very good about always putting Rat first. Rat appreciates this, and will overlook some of Pig’s irritating habits. Pig easily overlooks Rat’s bad habits as long as Rat makes enough money for them to be comfortable. Together they can enjoy life’s luxuries and keep busy on the social circuit.

Rat Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The rat and pig compatibility is excellent no matter what kind of relationship they are in. Whether it be romantic or friendship or even in a business relationship, they work very well together. This Chinese zodiac compatibility between the rat and pig work very well together. Any issues they might have with each other are not so tremendous they can’t be overcome.

Generally the rat is very happy being the center of attention, especially when the attention is lavished on them from their close friends. In turn, they rat treat their loyal friends better than anyone around them.

The Chinese pig animal sign fits in nicely with this dynamic, since they put their friends and family first. This makes them an ideal member of a rat’s group of friends. They are normally very positive, looking at others and seeing only their good traits rather than their negative ones.

The male Rat enjoys in the female Pig a depth of unequivocal support and admiration that he won’t find in a mate of any other Sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The female Pig, in turn, will have found herself a shrewd and highly motivated self-starter who is just the sort of entrepreneur she can rely upon to satisfy her basic material needs in this life.

The two will enjoy the luxuries that their hard work allows them to afford. The cheery Pig will be able to help the Rat laugh all of his troubles away into the gray limbo of a healthy perspective. As long as the make Rat doesn’t become too annoyed by his partner’s perpetually trusting innocence, this relationship will be as long-lasting as the very stars themselves.

Rat Man and Pig Woman Love

A Pig can be a good partner for you. Pigs have a slight tendency to over spend, because they quite enjoy the pursuit of pleasure, but their finances are usually in a respectable order. Pigs would not sacrifice family savings for their own fleeting enjoyment, because they are not that selfish. Pigs also have a lot of good fortune, in the sense that creature comforts often seem to fall into their laps.

Pigs are impeccably honest. They do not deceive others, and may be slightly bothered by your willingness to use others to your advantage. You must reassure your Pig that you would never do this to her, and you may have to become more morally upright to maintain a relationship with her. You will also need to protect her from unscrupulous people. Since she does not deceive others, she is not well versed in the clues that signal a deception, and may be vulnerable to scam artists.

You will admire how your Pig always thinks things through before making a decision. She will analyze how any decisions will affect your entire family before committing to any course of action. You appreciate this thoughtfulness that comes naturally to her character. On the other hand, you may have to show her how to seize some opportunities before they expire-Pigs can deliberate so long that they sometimes miss out!

The rat and pig in love form a lively couple. Their attraction for each other encompasses both physical and mental attributes. Sometimes their simplistic view might be a little too unrealistic for the long-term. Their relationship will need something a little sturdier to hold it together. All in all this is a quite harmonious union. Your strengths and weaknesses balance well and the two of you are likely to succeed together.

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