Rat Man Rat Woman

When Chinese Rat and Rat pair up, it is usually a very happy, loyal union. They like to socialize and enjoy the nightlife. They know exactly how to spoil their partner and make them feel loved and appreciated. They both enjoy working hard to support the family, and they understand when work conflicts come up, though family is extremely important to them. They are generous with their friends and family and love games and excitement.

If they settle into a rut, Rats tend to get bored. This may cause arguments and even infidelity on occasion. Rats are afraid of loneliness, and will tend to stay together unless these issues become overwhelming. Neither is the perfect housekeeper, but who cares if they’re having fun? They can become very competitive or jealous if one catches the other flirting with someone new. As lovers, Rats are demonstrative, loyal and fun. They are adventurous and are always willing to try something new. They are very well matched.

Rat Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The rats manage to appear relaxed and well-adjusted but in reality they are edgy and tense. Rats are suited well for each other as they both crave the constant intellectual companionship.

In Chinese astrology, rat zodiac sign are considered to be a symbol of fortune and abundance. A rat is defined as being quite charming, very aggressive, yet sentimental and family oriented. Rats, all while often being successful and hard-working, are shrewd with their money, can be unruly, and messy.

When two rats come together they usually have a successful relationship, whether it be as business partners or lovers. A rat tends to be extremely family focused. Even as shrewd as a rat can be, when it comes to family and others close to their heart, they can be overwhelmingly generous.

When the male Rat and the female Rat encounter each other, it appears to be the perfect match at first. Both partners are equally intense about their expressions of passionate physicality, such that they curl up in their mutual cocoon of love and wall the rest of the world out. The shared privacy of this couple centers upon a quirky sense of humor that is like a secret code with which they communicate.

The only things to watch out for are the toils of familiarity - after a while the similarities between these two Rats will cause the relationship to pall. Complaints rise in tandem, and it won’t be long until both decide to call it a day romance-wise. Some attention to detail could possibly prevent this breakup, but neither will wish to make the effort.

Rat Man and Rat Woman Love

Rats have a strong sentimental streak, and have a hard time letting go of physical objects. Thus, the house of a Rat is likely to be full of clutter, with each individual object representing memories that the Rat wishes to keep close. Rats must learn how to prune back their possessions lest they run out of room in the house! As much as Rats like to have their family around, they will not treat you like guests, but rather members of the household. Don’t be surprised if a Rat greets you enthusiastically and then hands you a broom!

Rats are great at spotting danger, but this can make them negative and pessimistic. If a Rat says it is time to give up on something, it is best to listen to that advice, but Rats do become a little edgy from being on the lookout all the time. One of a Rat’s biggest faults is that he or she will try to do too many things at once. If his or her energy is spread too thin, nothing gets accomplished in a satisfactory manner. Two Rats in a relationship together will have to find some way to focus and prioritize to make sure all the necessary chores get completed.

Rats can become nags when stressed, which can take a toll on the relationship. Although you will have the same priorities as your partner and be on the same wavelength if you date a Rat, you will want to keep the lines of communication open to avoid resentment. If the two of you can avoid picking away at each other’s faults, this relationship has promise. After all, nothing is more important to a Rat than family, and at the end of the day that bond will bring you closer.

This can make living together more complicated than just dating, as living together almost relies on some type monotony. Again though, if the Rat male and Rat female find their true soul mate rats can settle into the family life and monogamy. Two Rats can make wonderful partners for one another.

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