Rat Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Rooster woman, there is a better chance of success. As long as both partners are committed to work on their relationship, it can be happy. He loves her dedication and enthusiasm, while she loves his thoughtfulness and moderation in all things. When hard times come, these two work together very well. During prosperous times is when trouble may occur. Finances will be at the center of many of their issues.

Chinese Rat and Rooster are hot and heavy in the beginning with that attraction that happens with opposites. Once it begins to cool off, the trouble begins. They have vastly different approaches to handling life. Rooster is honest, straightforward and traditional. Rat is creative, shrewd and a bit manipulative. Rooster often feels Rat isn’t living up to their potential, and they are not shy about letting Rat know about it. This upsets Rat, who gets even by making Rooster jealous. This escalates until either the relationship ends or they both learn to overcome their differences.

Rat Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the rat and the rooster could be capable of forming a connection. Can the Rat and Rooster form a long lasting relationship? Will their differences bring them together? Or will their differences cause them more issues? What does Chinese horoscope compatibility have to say about this love match?

The rat will be shrewd and clever. They can be schemers and also somewhat of sly thinkers. They are free and somewhat artistic and the rooster might not like this. The Chinese rooster animal sign is a perfectionist who is blunt and honest. Because of this, the rat could fail to meet their partner’s higher standards. They are rational and prefer conservative and proven paths in life.

There is very good potential initially in a Rat and Rooster friendship. The rat and the rooster will have to learn and understand where each one finds their motivations. The rat is able to be reserved and will always treat those they care about very well. The rat and rooster dates will be fun as both will like going out somewhere with friends a lot. The rooster can be a completely devoted, faithful partner.

It will be difficult for these two people to stay together, unless they make it past the magic moment when they realize that what each perceived as a mental failing in the other is actually just a different way of looking at the world. The male Rat needs to be convinced that the female Rooster is more than a pretty face with boisterous mannerisms, and the female Rooster needs similar reassurances that the placid male Rat has inside of him untapped reservoirs of subtle passions.

At first the incipient relationship could founder on the rocks of uncertainty, but if these two Signs take the time to discover who they really are, they may be able to go the distance and commit to each other in the firmest of relationships.

Rat Man and Rooster Woman Love

You are not very compatible with people who are born under the sign of the Rooster. Roosters are flashy and more materialistic than you are, and this can get on your nerves. You don’t understand why well fitting expensive clothes are necessary when you’d rather watch your children happy with a new toy.

Roosters will appreciate your quick wit and analytical mind, as they have one as well. However, Roosters are very regimented in their habits and schedules, and have a hard time dealing with anyone who takes a casual attitude towards life. A Rooster will appreciate your talent with finances, but may nag you to keep perfect records. She will be upset if your plans change at the last minute, and cannot handle spontaneity. This will cause problems in your relationship.

A Rooster will make you feel inadequate with her constant insistence to do things her way. You are perfectly capable of handling things without following an iron clad schedule, and you will resent her nit picking. Your stress level and anxiety will go up, turning you into a bit of a nag yourself. You are likely to have unproductive fights. The Rooster’s brutal honesty is not meant to be offensive, but it will probably hurt you all the same.

Overcoming the friction in this relationship will not be easy. A lot of patience will be required on both of your parts to uncover the other’s good qualities. This is a relationship that has a better chance if both of you are older, as you will have learned how to cooperate and tolerate others more easily.

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