Rat Man Snake Woman

When the pairing is a Rat man and a Snake woman, they both work diligently to make themselves comfortable financially. Being poor causes strife between them. If they can find a mutual interest to pursue, they will be much happier than if they can’t. Snake can be jealous in a relationship, and it is the riskiness of the pairing that attracts each to the other. If they can overcome their differences, this can make for a very interesting relationship.

Chinese Rat and Snake are not the best pairing in the zodiac. They are hot and heavy at first, but before long the heat is gone and they are left with coldness. They tend to fight a lot. Both are very intelligent, which makes the fights more hard hitting. Snake is a bit of a philosopher, which drives Rat mad with impatience. Snake becomes frustrated with Rat in turn.

Rat Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the rat and snake can form a decent relationship. Can their differences bring them together? Will they be able to form a long lasting relationship? Will these two have to work hard to be happy together? Will they be able to form a successful relationship?

The snake will be very smart and determined. The rat will admire this. The snake will appreciate the rat’s concentration on achievements. The rat has more flexibility and is more easygoing. Both the rat and the snake enjoy objective things and desire to see projects finished. The rat will be grateful for the snake’s careful attitude. The snake will be grateful for the rat’s dedication. The rat and snake in love both have complementary attitudes overall and will want to spend more time together.

The male Rat and the female Snake have a mysterious rapport that is more like telepathy than anything else - they seem to understand each other’s wishes, wants and desires at an instinctive level. Soul mates? Perhaps - assuming the Rat will cut the Snake some slack, as the Rat’s drive towards his goals may leave the Snake gasping in the dust for a breather along the way.

They are better in situations of repose, where each can play off of the whimsicalities of the other in conversation. Both of these Signs want to commit in the long run, but the Snake may take a bit longer to make up her mind about the finality of it all. Assuming the Rat can wait that long, these two should settle down to make a very cute domesticated pair.

Rat Man and Snake Woman Love

A Snake makes a good partner for you. Not only are you captivated by her quiet confidence and good looks, but her analytical mind draws you in as well. Snakes are wizards with money; they know how to accumulate it, how to save it, and when to spend it on a truly high quality item. Snakes are usually well dressed and well accessorized. This is a necessity for them because they are more ambitious than you are and need these tools to impress the right people.

You will be on the same wavelength as a Snake. She is passionate and you will have intense chemistry together. Snakes are jealous lovers, but you put the stability of your family above all else and are not likely to stray. Your faithfulness will reassure her.

Snakes do not reveal their true feelings, even to their nearest and dearest. Since you too have problems trusting others enough to open up, you will need to watch the communication in this union. If the two of you work things out diplomatically, there should be few problems. You will feel secure in the Snake’s success, and she will feel secure in your fidelity. You each provide the other with their basic relationship needs, and there is fiery chemistry besides.

Snakes know how to turn up the romance, which you need sometimes when you are feeling down. It is well worth it to pursue and nurture this relationship because you will both benefit. The rat and snake soulmates will think it is natural to be dedicated to one another in marriage.

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