Rat Man Tiger Woman

When the pairing is a Rat man with a Tiger woman, the relationship may be deliriously happy or a complete disaster. While there is a natural amount of incompatibility between these two, it is not insurmountable. She couldn’t care less about security, while he worries about it constantly. When both partners are secure, they can be independent, pursue their own dreams, and still have time for each other. If one or the other is insecure, problems arise.

The Chinese Rat and Tiger, while similar in many ways, may be a wee bit too similar. Both like to be in the spotlight? so much that they may compete with each other to the point they forget they are supposed to be in a relationship. They both enjoy adventures and love the night life. They are both full of energy and love to travel. Their own competitiveness may get in their way. Or, they may be the perfect companions on the same journey. This relationship can go either way.

Rat Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The rat is charming, aggressive, and shrewd, while the tiger is sincere, generous, and influential. When a Rat and Tiger Chinese zodiac signs come together in a relationship their similarities may be too much. Like the rat, the tiger loves to be the center of attention in any social situation.

A Chinese tiger animal sign can come across as being a very intense person at times, but truth be told; tigers are very sensitive and fragile. This combined with their strong romantic and playful side is actually good for the rat. They both tend to have high energy levels, which can be great, as they both need this quality in their partner.

In the beginning Rat and Tiger love compatibility will be exciting and stimulating. It’s usually a little intense due to all the similarities in personality. These two Chinese astrology signs are also very family oriented and would do anything for those close to them.

The rat and the tiger have strong tendencies to be emotionally distant, yet both are warm hearted and love deeply. If the nagging rat and moody tiger can find some common ground to stand on and keep from tiring of one another, they can make a strong, lasting couple.

The male Rat is fond of change, but not perhaps to the extent that the female Tiger will be willing to provide it. Both of these Signs are bored with any sort of humdrum routine, but the Tiger will seek methods of entertainment that may make the more conservative and cautious Rat feel abandoned - and not in a good way, either.

The Tiger may be fooling about with a situation that the Rat regards as altogether more serious, and when both are apprised of each other’s motives for their pairing, an immediate falling-out may be the result. It is important for these two would-be lovers to keep the lines of communication open. If they can understand each other at the outset, these two might just decide to simply enjoy their single night of bliss.

Rat Man and Tiger Woman Love

A Tiger is on a different wavelength than you are. While you find it easy to make friends, the Tiger doesn’t always have that talent. She is intense and magnetic, and has her fair share of admirers, but doesn’t always impress the right people. She is more concerned with doing what she feels is right, even if it angers people in high places. Her passion knows no bounds and she will fight to the end even if she loses everything.

You have a hard time understanding the Tiger’s personality. To you, family is the most important thing, not some obscure humanitarian cause. Tiger’s are simply too intense for you. You prefer comfort and stability, whereas Tigers are never happy unless they are wavering between extremes and dragging their admirers with them.

A Tiger will sometimes be fiercely independent and push you away, and at other times will require your sympathy and support. When a Tiger has been hurt, all reason leaves her, and she needs you to take her side no matter what. You may not be able to do this, because sometimes she is at fault and you can’t just ignore the facts. If you fail to take her side she may become angry and lash out.

The problem in the Rat Tiger Chinese zodiac compatibility is that they are both willing to fight to win the spotlight. The tiger has problems giving up and strives to win at everything. This can be an issue. Especially since the tiger also like to the head of their social group. This relationship would require an extreme amount of compromise and change that would be uncomfortable for both parties. As easy as it is to fall in love with a Tiger, it’s best for you to leave this one alone.

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