Rooster Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Dragon woman, the initial attraction is powerful. As their differences begin to show, he may be humiliated by her independence and dominating personality. She will feel starved for appreciation and attention. They will probably fight more often than not.

Chinese Rooster and Dragon are an unlikely pair, but they may be better suited than most people think. They share a great intelligence and are very loving. They like a deep relationship with several layers. Rooster is a calming presence. They will provide a peaceful home for Dragon. Rooster is a perfectionist, however. This can start some fiery arguments. If Rooster can keep from nagging, Dragon will be a partner that will do most anything to keep them happy.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese astrology compatibility between rooster and the dragon has some definite differences. Can these differences help them have a successful relationship? How good or bad will the Rooster-Dragon compatibility be in the long run?

The Chinese astrology signs of the rooster and the dragon in love tend to fit pretty well together. The differences they have tend to help more than pull them apart. They can certainly have a good time with each other when they are dating.

Their personalities seem pretty contrasting. The dragon is passionate, instinctual and adventuresome. They will greatly welcome love and be grateful. They are passionate but they do have a good heart. They are truly grateful for a devoted partner and a cozy home to call their own.

The rooster is rational, sometimes even traditional. They depend a lot on planning every aspect. They can be a very loyal and affectionate partner. They can also like a night at home but most of the time they really enjoy a night out away from the house.

In a rooster and dragon relationship, their differences can come together to create a pretty successful partnership. The rooster man or woman can help ground the female dragon when they get too carried away. The dragon’s determination and the rooster’s detail oriented and traditional nature help to make these two a good team. In the rooster and dragon marriage, their house will always be incredibly clean and very tastefully decorated. This is thanks to the male rooster’s style and smart eye for decoration.

According to Chinese Rooster Dragon compatibility, communication can go a long way towards helping these two be happier. In the rooster and dragon friendship, they need to figure out what areas need to be controlled by whom so that they can avoid certain arguments. They are both very smart, but they should make sure they are not trying to compete with each other. Even in bed, the rooster-dragon couple will need to understand each other’s sexual needs.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman Love

Dragons are powerful, intense creatures. Unlike you, a Dragon gets along on instinct and raw magnetism. She throws herself directly into anything that interests her without considering the consequences, and relies on her natural talent to see it through. Usually it works, but when it doesn’t, a Dragon falls pretty hard. During these times, a Dragon needs love and support to restore her confidence in herself.

With her confidence restored, a Dragon is not down and out for long. Dragons are usually surrounded by admirers, and if you have become one of those admirers, it is perfectly understandable. Dragons benefit greatly from your organizational expertise and sound, intelligent advice.

It may drive you a little crazy to watch the one you love be so disorganized and simply following your heart, but she is willing to follow your advice most of the time, which makes you feel validated and important. A Dragon draws so much attention that you will get all the admirers you need simply by being near her. Many will be jealous and envious of you, which flatters your pride nicely.

A Dragon can help you loosen up a little, and take on new adventures, but most of the time you will be saving the Dragon from her intense emotions. Dragons often have a history of breaking hearts, but if she is ready to settle down you are an excellent match for her. You will be able to help her cope with the small details that tend to escape her.

You will enjoy yourself managing a Dragon’s finances. She is usually great at making money, but not so great at holding onto it. You will show her how to save and invest wisely, and the two of you will make out well financially.

If the Dragon can curb her wandering eye and devote herself to you alone, this will be a highly successful union. The rooster and dragon love compatibility will need a lot of work to keep things balanced between them so that they both feel everything is fair. If they can manage to do this, then these two should be able to form a pretty successful relationship.

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