Rooster Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Horse woman, his feelings of inadequacy make him suspicious of others. Her outgoing nature will be challenging. She doesn’t like jealousy. She thinks it is an insult. He can’t help it though. His natural misogynistic tendencies show through even though he tries to hide them.

Chinese Rooster and Horse have a lot of passion between them. This passion can turn into a nice foundation that leads to a long happy life together. Rooster is a bit of a perfectionist and tends to be rather pessimistic. They will take care of Horse the way Horse wants to be cared for. They may tend to be a bit of a nag, though when things are not running perfectly. Horse is far from a perfectionist and they tend to lose interest in things quickly. They can help each other. Horse can get Rooster to take it easy and enjoy life. Rooster can offer stability to Horse.

Rooster Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The rooster horse love compatibility between these two Chinese zodiac signs is wonderful. They can form a good pair together. It is kind of surprising then that the rooster, who demands perfectionism is able to be happy with the horse. For these two to be happy together, the rooster and horse relationship will depend on the horse’s ability to be flexible. At the same time, the rooster has to be able to refrain from demanding too much.

The Chinese zodiac rooster and horse friendship can be pretty good. The roosters are very intelligent, detail oriented and perfectionists. The horse will also find these attributes pretty appealing. They are very clever and stimulating. They have a pretty wide range of knowledge on different subjects. They get attracted to the rooster’s very specific knowledge base.

The rooster and horse compatibility forms a pretty strange relationship. Even when they are dating, this love match will only work out if the horse stops wandering. The rooster and horse in love might not have an easy time understanding each other. These two Chinese animal astrology signs will be most successful if they can be attracted to personalities that are contrasting. Additionally, they will need to find something that they can agree on together.

The female horse is entertaining and talented. They can be restless and will run off as soon as boredom sets in. This might mean any mess that is created is going to have to be cleaned up by their partner. They do not care enough about the consequences. They have a free spirit and will not want to put down roots and live the life the rooster man or woman has planned. They will want to follow a different path, one that is more daring instead and not fixed. They tend to be pretty restless.

The male rooster is envious and somewhat somber. They might not be happy with their fickle lover. They are brash and critical. They like planning and will have things laid out exactly as they want them. Even in bed, the rooster and horse can be sexually compatible only if they make some compromises.

Rooster Man and Horse Woman Love

A Horse will strongly resist such micro managing. And yet, she is a fairly good match for you. She works just as hard as you do, throwing herself heart and soul into everything she tries, and yet, she does not have your focus. Horses can be distracted by a change in the wind, and have trouble bringing projects to a close. They also have trouble sustaining long term relationships because they tend to fall out of love as fast as they fall in, or fall in love with a second person before they are done with the first!

You will have trouble understanding the way your Horse operates. She wears her heart on her sleeve and follows her intuition without bothering to analyze a situation. You will likely be maddened because it is completely impossible to get a Horse to follow a schedule. And yet you will value her blunt honesty, which mirrors yours. If you tell her she is foolish for not finishing what she started, she is likely to call you an obsessive compulsive stick in the mud! And both of you will be a little bit right.

The fact is, if the two of you can manage to listen to each other just a little bit, and compromise enough to avoid driving each other completely crazy, you will be able to learn a lot from each other and may have quite a successful union.

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