Rooster Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Monkey woman, while they are both initially attracted to each other, it doesn’t take long for her to be disappointed with his lack of imagination. She also finds him ultra conservative. He wants to be the center of her world, but she wants her freedom. He has trouble understanding this. If he tries to control her, she will leave.

Chinese Rooster and Monkey don’t make very good friends, yet they actually do pretty well together as partners. It could be that in a serious relationship it is easier for them to overlook those traits that are irritating as friends. If they truly want to be successful, they need to work hard. They don’t need to worry about connecting intellectually... they already do. Rooster will need to rein in their natural inclination to nag Monkey. If they don’t Monkey may leave because they get frustrated. Monkey needs to give up some of their loose lifestyle and devote themselves to the relationship.

Rooster Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the rooster and monkey seems to be pretty unique. They both are opposite of one another. Will the opposites cause too many differences? Can they find a way to overcome any issues that might arise? Will the opposite natures of the rooster and monkey in love work together to make them a stronger couple?

The rooster is frequently found demanding perfection of others. They see the world in a detail-oriented way and think that there are always ways to make things better. On the other hand, the monkey dominates by being as loud as they can be. They will take more chances and will try to draw attention so that they are more likely to stand out in a crowd.

Both the rooster and the monkey soulmates will want to control the relationship. However, they will want to control it in different ways. These two Chinese astrology signs are so different that for them to have a happy relationship might just not seem possible. But as they say opposites attract! So you never know!

The rooster and monkey relationship can be weird and strange. They are likely to make a connection in a social setting. The rooster will be happy to get out of the house and they are very receptive to flattering comments. Their romance when they are dating, will have a pretty short blissful phase.

Eventually the rooster will start demanding the monkey change. They have trouble refraining from this kind of demanding behavior anyway. They will bug them to stop partying so much, to stop disregarding their health, to stay home more, to go to bed early, and a host of other things. The monkey man or woman by nature is curious and outgoing and will always have a chance of cheating on their partner. They might start seeing less and less of their partner ultimately leading to a breakup.

Rooster Man and Monkey Woman Love

Monkeys do not make the best partners for you. Although you are both clever and quick witted, you use your intelligence to be efficient and productive, while the Monkey uses his to plot schemes and trick everyone else for her amusement. Monkeys do not hesitate to use their talent at rhetoric to manipulate people into doing their will. Since you are honest and forthright, you do not approve of such trickery.

Monkeys have a difficult time committing and often have a variety of broken hearts in their pasts. The issue with them is that they are hopeless romantics who fall head over heels very quickly. They often lose interest if another man catches their eye, and they can get bored even if they are not tempted by another. They can experience this in business as well. Since Monkeys are so great at selling themselves they have no problem getting jobs, but often have a hard time keeping them.

There are many things that will annoy you about a Monkey, and many things that the Monkey will find odd and difficult to understand about you. You may be able to keep the Monkey’s interest, however, which will stop her from playing games and give the relationship a chance.

In a rooster and monkey marriage, they are going to be more prone to demanding and criticizing. In bed, these two animal signs will try to dominate each other and sexually demand more from their partner. This relationship could be a tough one. The rooster man or woman finds the monkey’s ridiculous ways ridiculous and thinks it is too much. Consequently, the monkey thinks their lover is lacking in a sense of fun.

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