Rooster Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and an Ox woman, she wants to control the house and he is all for it. They love spending time together at home, enjoying their comfort. Both partners keep each other happy in every aspect of their lives. They are not jealous or possessive because they trust each other implicitly.

Chinese Rooster and Ox are highly compatible. Both appreciate a stable home life and they are both loyal. Rooster tends to idealize their partners, so they benefit a lot by Ox’s honest nature. They will keep their home and finances in order and feel all the better for it. Rooster tends to like socializing more than Ox, but Ox is fine with letting Rooster go out with friends as long as some nights are spent home. They can become overly critical of each other. They are both practical and conservative.

Rooster Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Chinese astrology predicts that the rooster and ox relationship has the potential to enjoy a very good love compatibility. Is there anything that can cause them trouble? Are they well suited enough that they fit easily together? Will the rooster-ox in love have to put in a lot of hard work to be happy together?

The ox woman is typically shy and somber, and somewhat withdrawn. When they are in love, they become very sweet. They do not like arguing and avoid it as much as they can. They prefer to make the home a peaceful, balanced place. This is just the kind of atmosphere the rooster needs to thrive. The rooster man will glorify affection and love. They will be more social than their lovers and might even be able to help pull the ox out of their shell.

The two Chinese zodiac rooster and ox soul mates go very well together. Whether their relationship is friendly or romantic, these two have an easy time. Both have a similar demeanor. They also share similar beliefs and any differences they have tend to complement each other rather than force them apart.

In the rooster and ox marriage, both will tend to be more traditional. Both would rather use rational, proven methods to anything daring. Roosters have a need for perfectionism and this works well with the ox’s capability of wanting to do things right the first time around. These attributes tend to be especially successful when applied to work or career or in a business relationship in general.

The rooster and ox friendship usually makes a very good rational and strong team. The steady oxen are able to be the backbone of the business. The rooster’s smart eye and resourcefulness can help push things along toward success. The two Chinese astrology signs in a romantic relationship work just as well as in a business relationship. Both will highly regard the ability to trust each other. They both find honesty extremely important.

The rooster and ox in love both are unlikely to give each other a reason to be clingy or envious. The male or female ox has a sense of honor and will be more than capable of living up to the male or female rooster’s high expectations. They appreciate each others’ aware and diligent natures.

Rooster Man and Ox Woman Love

Oxen are, above all, honest and dependable. You will never hear them tell a lie. An Ox will always finish everything she starts, and she will work steadily at any task she takes on until it is complete. She prefers to think things through, make a plan, and then stick to it. Oxen do not take well to people who suggest they change their plans, and you admire this ability to stick to a schedule.

An Ox is a natural leader, although she does not seek attention or leadership roles. Oxen love to play a supporting role, and they lead by a quiet example of hard work and dedication. An Ox will appreciate your intelligence, organization, and even your blunt, outspoken ways. Just be prepared for her to be equally honest with you! An Ox may need you to watch out for her-since she is so honest, she is vulnerable to being manipulated by those who are less honest.

The rooster-ox compatibility is absolutely excellent. Both are systematic and meticulous. Both of them will enjoy things that simulate their intelligence. They are both capable and tend to be detail oriented. They are both very capable of taking criticism well. Because of this they are likely to be a satisfied couple. Even in bed, the rooster-ox couple are sexually complementary.

An Ox makes a very pleasing partner for you. Once she agrees to something, she will make sure it gets done, no matter what. You may sometimes feel like she is slow to seize opportunities, but she needs time to consider the consequences before jumping in. As long as you make sure to tell her how much you love her as often as you point out her flaws (something you are prone to doing) she will feel appreciated.

The two of you do not need much compromise to make this union a success.

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