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Roosters can easily fall into an infatuation. While they have so much in common, this means the negative as well as the positive. Fighting may turn into a way to relieve tension or exercise power over the other. Their relationship may easily be full of ups and downs, fights and reconciliations, laughter and tears; it is a constant roller coaster. If they can make it long enough to settle down, it may work. They need to supply each other with reassurance and emotional security. Over time they can learn to control their negative reactions but they need to really work at it.

Chinese Rooster and Rooster really shouldn’t try to have a long lasting relationship. They are both perfectionists, and rather than compliment each other, they will pick at each others’ negative qualities. They are both stubborn in how they want things done. Of course, they don’t agree on how things should be done. This will result in power struggles about everything. When they are both in a negative mood, they will begin nagging. The only way their relationship stands a chance if they both learn how to relax. They need to be able to enjoy being with each other instead of worrying if everything is perfect.

Rooster Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

This Rooster Rooster compatibility might be just a tad difficult as they are too much alike to make things work very well. Can these two work through their differences? Or will it be the similarities they share that are more likely to cause them trouble?

The two born under the Chinese astrology sign of the rooster are so much alike they just will not get along well. When the rooster is dating another rooster, these two will be able to get along okay in the beginning as they begin to get to know each other. The Rooster Rooster friendship can be decent.

In a Rooster Rooster relationship, they are more likely going to be pointing out each other’s flaws rather than flattering each other. They should be complimenting each other, but their need for perfection will get in the way. At the same time, they can be very devoted to their partners. They can be very affectionate but their love compatibility is nil.

The rooster does not feel there is a way for them to share the control. They will each feel they are best at handling the control and neither will be willing to let the other one take it. The Rooster man and Rooster woman in love could end up annoying each other so completely.

The rooster sees details everywhere. They also see where this meticulousness needs improvement. They are very analytical and use this to find weaknesses in other people. They pick those weaknesses apart and tend to demand that others change to suit their ideas of perfection.

Chinese zodiac match says that two Roosters in a friendship will be a little too much like each other to be very good together right away. There will be control issues with these two. The rooster likes to be in charge of their home. If one has to give up control, especially to another rooster, there will be discontent.

Rooster Man and Rooster Woman Love

Roosters are sharply critical, and their words will wound sensitive partners. They need a romantic interest who is willing to go with them and listen to what they say, but is not so sensitive as to be rocked to the core by the Rooster’s comments. He or she really doesn’t mean to offend, but tiptoeing around an issue is such a waste of time to them, and they really have no time to waste.

Two Roosters trying to have a relationship is trying at best. Since they are both perfectionists who want everything done their own way, they will get along perfectly if they coincidentally have the same opinions about everything, but of course that is not very likely. In reality, there is likely to be a lot of sniping and harsh words between the two of them, and endless arguments about the best way to handle everything from decorating to finances.

Roosters are well versed in the art of rhetoric, and are prone to giving moving speeches that convince others around to their way of thinking. Two Roosters are likely to be up all night long having passionate arguments about the smallest things, because they actually thrive on controversy.

Roosters are passionate and creative, and have big ideas. They are actually quite generous with their loved ones, it’s just that living up to a Rooster’s expectations can be difficult. To be successful in any relationship a Rooster must learn to relax and allow plans to change at least once in awhile. Two Roosters, however, are probably just too set in their ways to learn to get along.

If the two Rooster soulmates are able to form a deep connection, the two might be able to not focus so much on each other’s negative aspects, like being too demanding. The rooster also does not put up a messy partner. They do not tolerate a loud partner either. Even in bed, the rooster man and rooster woman, will both want to be in control of sexually being better than their lover.

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