Rooster Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Tiger woman, he knows full well he is not as smart as his mate. Nevertheless, he has some excellent qualities that should be appreciated. She may tend to be overly critical. He will be loyal, jealous and controlling. She wants her freedom and will not hesitate to fight for it.

Chinese Rooster and Tiger will argue a lot. They seldom want the same things. Each of these signs is strong of character. Rooster believes in hard work and attaining perfection. They extend this expectation to their relationships. Tiger wants freedom for themselves, but doesn’t want it for their partner. Both prefer to control the situation. If they can find a common ground, they can have a wonderful relationship.

Rooster Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Chinese Rooster Tiger compatibility has its similarities and differences. Will either one be willing to do what it takes to keep a long-lasting relationship going? When the rooster is dating the tiger, they might just be too self interested to be able to appreciate each other’s company. They both want to control each other and the situation around them. Their wants will seldom be aligned. The rooster and tiger in love are both acutely aware of what they want. The fact that they both know what they want could cause some problems in their relationship.

According to Chinese astrology compatibility, in a rooster and tiger relationship, there might be quite a few arguments. These two Chinese zodiac signs will have certain traits that fit together well and then others that will not fit together so well. These two can be successful, but they will have to work hard to take each other’s needs into consideration.

The rooster wants nothing less than perfection and are very logical. They are very demanding and bossy. They are not trying to be difficult but they are very often just trying to show others what they feel is something that needs to be improved upon. They are not necessarily the best at tactfully letting others know what they are thinking. They think their lover is messy and self-centered. They are somewhat proud and arrogant.

The tiger will find their dominating partner to be problematic because they will not want to give up their independent nature and follow anyone else. They also have a very laid back attitude but have a fighting nature. They also follow their instincts and intuition. If the rooster tries to tell the tiger what to do, where to go, and when to do things, they will get highly irritated. When the female tiger sees that there are certain expectations placed on them they are more likely to withdraw and protect their freedom.

When the Chinese zodiac rooster begins to place rules and expectations on the tiger, they will naturally feel controlled and want to rebel. They are used to controlling the things in their life and they are not likely to relinquish that control to anyone. On the other hand, roosters is accustomed to having their opinions taken seriously and followed. These two qualities are not going to allow the rooster and tiger friendship to work out.

Rooster Man and Tiger Woman Love

Tigers are rebellious. They often don’t even need a reason to rebel. Tigers are whirlwinds of energy that draw others in. Many people feel a magnetic and irresistible attraction to Tigers. They are passionate about various causes, and quite enjoy the chance to flex their muscles in a conflict. Tigers have short fuses, and can get upset quickly. Tigers also may loyal and passionate friends. A Tiger would jump in front of a speeding car for her friend or mate.

A Tiger has a sensitive ego, and does not take criticism well. Once wounded, she needs to be comforted almost like a child. She does not want to see what part her own actions had in the criticism; she just needs sympathy. No matter how depressed Tigers get, they always bounce back with the same energy as before.

There are too many conflicts here for this to be a smooth relationship. Tigers will rebel against routines and schedules simply because they exist, and you will find this infuriating and disrespectful. Although you may admire each other’s talents and have fascinating conversations, you will also have the most passionate fights. The physical chemistry may be good, but long term stability is lacking. You have a tendency to be blunt, curt, and brutally honest, and this will send the Tiger into cycles of deep depression. She will pull away from you and reject you to go find comfort elsewhere, then come back when she feels better only to have the entire process start over again.

The two of you may get along fairly well as friends or colleagues but a love relationship is likely to be too taxing for the both of you. The way you prefer to live your lives simply does not mesh well enough to encourage stability in the long term. The chemistry is tempting, but ultimately not worth it.

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