Snake Man

The male Snake is known to be an excellent lover. He is very imaginative and thrives in any relationship where sexual needs are expressed frequently. Like their feminine counterparts, Snake males are extremely seductive. If however, the object of their seductions does not respond, the Snake man will have no use for them any longer.

While masculine, the Snake man is extremely sensitive and easily hurt by words, constantly in battle with others attitudes and impressions of them. Because he constantly strives to find peace with his environment, the male Snake is very reliant on others to make him happy.

Unlike the Chinese Tiger or Dragon signs, the Snake man will never attempt to impose himself on others. Instead, he seeks to charm them into siding with him. The male Snake is known to be tidy and loves cleanliness. His great downfall is he narcissism, as he places great emphasis on his appearance, carefully managing each and every detail of his daily wardrobe.

Snake Man – Personality and Characteristics

Extremely sensitive and easily hurt, the Snake male could not live without taking carefully into account other people’s attitudes and reactions. Nothing is more important to him than being at peace and in harmony with his environment. In other words, due to his utmost vulnerability, the conditions required for his psychological well-being do not lie within himself, but without. This individual’s life motto is quite simple – “security first” – although he may be hardly aware of it. If he is charming and conciliatory, it is, fundamentally, because he feels rejection very acutely. He must at all price avoid confrontations with his fellow men and defuse threats of hostility or aggression. In order to achieve his objectives, he mobilizes all his energy on a permanent basis and never relaxes his vigilance. He acts with true prudence and circumspection, carefully scrutinizing the ground he is treading on. He always adheres to the line of least resistance. Even when he is not directly involved, he spares no efforts at smoothing over tensions and settling quarrels around him.

But the Snake male’s elaborate defense strategy involves serious drawbacks which he is generally unwilling to recognize. His extreme caution often paralyses him, neutralizing any daring and initiative he might be born with. Intent on making no false step, he forces himself to take refuge in moralism and conformism, thus running the risk of intellectual and psychological ossification. One could reproach him for his cowardice and exaggerated taste for compromise. Lastly, by dint of repressing his own aggressivity and emotional outbursts, he might very well end up an inhibited, frustrated person. What are the specific measures he usually takes to assure his security? They are numerous, varied, and sometimes contradictory.

Overly dependent on others for his own survival and happiness, he does his best to secure their good feelings toward him. He treats everybody with gentleness and consideration, almost never with belligerence. He acts with meekness and talks with circumspection, carefully avoiding tyranny and harsh words. It is practically impossible to provoke him as he has learned how to swallow his angers and conceal his pains. When bullied or attacked, he does not seek to retaliate – to him, there should be no such thing as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – but only puts up passive resistance, unafraid to display a marked masochistic tendency. Mahatma Gandhi, a native of the Snake sign (born AD 1869), is a perfect sample of this behavior pattern.

It is always so difficult for the Snake man to say “no” or defend his own legitimate interests against aggressors, even if he knows he will have to bitterly regret his amorphousness afterwards. He is apologetic in the extreme and shows too much gratitude for every favor he receives from someone. This individual is keen on showing the utmost sense of equity and fair play under all circumstances. Always afraid to commit an injustice, he gives others every possible opportunity to have their chance, expose their views,, and defend themselves. He is often willing to lend an attentive ear and may at times listen patiently for hours and hours on end without interrupting his interlocutors.

When it comes to formulating ideas or reaching a judgment, he makes honest efforts to weigh all the factors in view, gauging every element available, and tries seriously and scrupulously to have as balanced an opinion as possible. It would be most surprising to see him make a rash statement or impetuous move. On the contrary, he is well known for his perpetual deliberations, hesitations, and moments of agonizing indecision. The hardest thing for him to achieve is to make up his mind, to commit himself to a definite course of action. Skepticism and procrastination have thus become his ingrained way of life. Since he is most of the time unable to take decisions, he is prone to cling to his existing ideas and principles with such tenacity and intransigence as reveal us the maniacal,, hard-to-please, and tyrannical side to his character. In the same vein, he may at times be tempted to turn a deaf ear to someone else’s arguments if these threaten to shake and shatter his own convictions. Not rarely does he shelter himself behind the screen of futility, dilettantism, absent-mindedness, vagabondism, escapism, or even psychopathic personality in order to avoid life’s challenges. Of course, his irresponsibility is carried out in all good faith and perfect unconsciousness.

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