Snake Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Dragon woman, she will be uncompromising and have a fiery temperament. He will be sensitive and unpredictable. He may be afraid to make decisions. He may be irresponsible. She will want her own way all the time. If they can overcome these things, they can be rather happy together.

Chinese Snake and Dragon are a good couple. They are passionate and will find ways to keep the relationship going no matter what difficulties are in the way. They respect each other greatly. They share a lot of the same intellectual interests. Snake is rather insecure, and they take comfort in knowing that Dragon is truly giving them their heart... as far as they know. Dragon is a notorious flirt and this may make Snake possessive. They need to have patience with each other and overcome their frustrations by talking things out.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

In the Chinese horoscope the Snake-Dragon compatibility is good enough can form a great relationship. What kind of work will they have to put into it? Will their differences make the Snake and Dragon relationship better or worse?

Those drawn to the dragon will see that they are bold and full of energy. Those drawn to the snake will find them appealing on a more subtle level. These two Chinese zodiac signs will likely be attracted to each other right away.

The Snake and Dragon in love can make very good companions. They will need to be able to recognize the habits and ambitions of each other. They are both seductive and appealing but in different ways. The snake-dragon soulmates will need to have acceptance and tolerance with each other if they want to have a successful relationship.

The snake and the dragon friendship will likely form a sharp connection. While dating they will share a connection that is physically bold. They will both be witty. The snake and dragon in bed will likely experience an intense physical sexual attraction to each other. They will take things on differently but this does not mean they are totally opposite to each other.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the Snake and the Dragon both have personalities that are stronger. These two will be able to have a satisfying and encouraging relationship. Both will have to learn to accept each other’s very different personalities for this to be possible. When they are together, they have a relationship that is motivated and energetic.

There is an element of possibility in this conjunction, if both partners are willing to work for it. The scheming male Snake will provide the brain power behind the scenes, leaving the female Dragon to issue the vocal proclamations while shimmering in the spotlight uncontested, as she prefers to be.

Unless the male Snake learns to open up a bit and keep the channels of communication open, the Dragon may turn elsewhere for reassurance, which will leave him feeling betrayed. Only by sharing everything can this partnership succeed. The Dragon will find her goals within easy reach if she accepts the Snake’s advice on a regular basis. The Snake, too, will appreciate his radiant significant other’s company as a break from life’s routine.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman Love

Dragons are extremely powerful and magnetic. They seek power, and power also seems to come to them. Dragons will be attracted to you because of your sophistication and grace. You would make a fantastic impression on a Dragon’s business partners and acquaintances, and she is greatly attracted to your mysterious air and ability to accomplish great things without even seeming to try. No matter what a Dragon looks like, she is attractive and has sex appeal. No one can resist a Dragon, and she is likely to have many admirers and hopeful suitors.

Although you have much in common with a Dragon, her many admirers could set off your intense jealousy. It is true that Dragons can be heartbreakers, and their love of power might cause them to encourage the romantic feelings of others in order to control them. Sometimes Dragons have a hard time remaining faithful, even if they love their partners very much. This could be a point of contention in your otherwise fairly strong relationship. It will be difficult for you to put your suspicions aside no matter how much she reassures you.

You will enjoy revelling in the Dragon’s spotlight and power. The two of you do, in fact, make a "power couple" and are likely to be highly successful and financially comfortable in all that you do. Your Dragon will really appreciate your cool, calm headed advice, since she is used to simply throwing herself into any projects that capture her interest without really thinking about the consequences. The risks that Dragons take usually succeed, but when they don’t a Dragon really needs a supportive partner to help her pick up the pieces.

As long as she can control her wandering eye and you can control your suspicious nature, this relationship will go far. The snake dragon marriage can be successful if they both receive encouragement from each other.

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