Snake Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Monkey woman, they may exhaust each other with their incompatible energies. He wants her to always look her best, but she prefers to seek adventure and fun instead of glamour. He is irresponsible and romantic, she is practical and logical. Finances may be a problem. They tend to fight a lot, though her sense of humor may help diffuse some of these arguments.

Chinese Snake and Monkey are not the most compatible couple. In order to make it work, both parties have to truly be committed. Monkey is always on the go and they love to have fun. They also love to work hard at a challenge. This means they may tend to travel a lot for their job. They love adventure. Snake, on the other hand, is possessive. They must feel appreciated to be happy in a relationship. Monkey’s natural inclination to flirt will drive Snake up a wall. This in turn makes Monkey crazy. Both signs will need to control their natural inclinations and try their best to meet the needs of the other.

Snake Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that a Snake and Monkey relationship will be opposite with nothing in common. Will their differences be too much for them to have a successful relationship? Will the Snake and Monkey signs be able to work through any problems that they might have? Will understanding and compromise go a long way towards helping these two be successful?

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the snake and monkey in love might be too different to really be able to be happy together. They both do adore having a fun time. Both of them are charismatic and well-known. These traits might be what keeps the snake and monkey soul mates together.

These traits might just be how they make their first connection and start dating each other. The snake will seem very popular and sexy. But they are actually more withdrawn than that. They are domestic and like spending quiet evenings at home. They would rather be reading a book in a cozy spot than spending time out surrounded by friends. They are driven, refined, and determined.

However, the monkey is more social by nature. They enjoy getting out of the house and doing something fun. They are always more interested in finding the things that make them happy and doing something daring. They are friendly, smart, and full of energy.

The male Snake and the female Monkey have the potential to keep themselves together via a shared interest in solving interesting problems and questions. They both enjoy a challenge and can work well together in a mental sense by bouncing ideas off of each other in deep discussion. The female Monkey can intuitively sense opportunities that the more prosaic Snake intellect may be slow in deducing with his pedestrian logic.

The two together form equal halves of the same brain. As long as the Monkey can keep her patience stable for the inevitable soul-searching that the cerebral Snake mind demands from time to time in order to feel a sense of closeness, there is no reason why these two sharp personalities shouldn’t keep each other company for some time.

Snake Man and Monkey Woman Love

Monkeys are very clever, and they are capable of keeping up with you intellectually. At the beginning of your relationship, romance will rule the day and you will be very caught up in each other. The Monkey is a trickster, however, and she may try to use you for her own ends.

You are no stranger to these tactics, and the two of you are likely to see your romance as a complex game, with each of you trying to one up the other. This is acceptable to you as long as the Monkey does not have a fling with another man, because you are wildly jealous. As long as she can stay faithful to you, the two of you will have a burning chemistry both physically and mentally.

You two romantic charmers will find your love is very intense. You may find yourselves so wrapped up in each other that you have time for little else. There is great potential in this relationship, as long as neither one of you betrays the other. Since both of you are prone to using your attractive and irresistible personalities for your own gain, it may be hard to give up old habits for the sake of nurturing your relationship.

Monkeys have a hard time respecting others, but since you are so intelligent she will respect you. You are likely to hold her interest since you represent a challenge. If you decide to make this a long term relationship, you should handle the finances since you are better at it than she. With a little compromise, you can make this work and find long term romance and happiness with each other.

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