Snake Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Pig woman, they both are rather weak willed. It is hard for either one to make a decision. She is easily persuaded and he likes to procrastinate. He won’t understand why she changes her moods so frequently. She will be prone to play the martyr. She will ultimately be hurt by his philandering.

Chinese Snake and Pig are not the best match. They naturally mistrust each other and they both irritate the other to no end. If they are to succeed in a relationship they need to really work at it. They will get along famously at first. They both have a sensuous side that is hard to resist. Both also have a problem with being possessive. They need to let go of this if they are to succeed. Secrets need to be given up so they can learn to trust each other.

Snake Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Chinese compatibility between the Snake and Pig rates very low when it comes to love and happiness. Is this enough for them to be happy together? Will their differences cause them any issues? Will understanding and compromise be enough to keep the snake and pig soulmates together? How good or bad will the Snake Pig compatibility be?

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the snake and pig seem to be enough alike that they would get along very well together. However, they do seem to have enough differences that they might end up arguing more than not. When the pig is dating the snake, if they feel they have been wronged, they can be vicious in their retaliation. They are nearly always silent but generous people, with a sense of honor.

In a snake pig relationship both might have issues when it comes to communicating with each other effectively. The snake will sometimes believe on instinct rather than on rational thought. They might have issues being more subjective than objective. Because of this, they might end up acting and arguing in more subtle ways. The love compatibility in this zodiac match is very poor.

The male Snake enjoys attention, and can convince the female Pig to give him exactly that by judicious use of his store of odd facts to amaze and delight his intended mate. The Pig will, if sufficiently impressed, stay together with the Snake in hopes of sharing in one or two of his dazzling exploits.

The Snake may consider the Pig dim, but she isn’t, and she won’t be fooled for a second if the Snake attempts to pull the wool over her eyes in order to indulge his wayward passions. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose in this case, and the Pig may retaliate in kind with all of the spare time the male Snake leaves her. If these two can keep their attentions from wandering, they might be able to make everything work out O.K.

Snake Man and Pig Woman Love

It will be easy for you to seduce a Pig. She loves romance and charm, and it’s easy for you to plan sweet surprises. You’re quite the romantic yourself. Pigs enjoy the finer things in life just as you do, and your impeccable taste in fine gifts will please her immensely. Pigs are quite fond of pleasure and leisure and need to be careful not to overspend. In a relationship with a Pig, you should handle the finances.

Pigs are no strangers to hard work. When a Pig commits herself to something, she applies herself steadily until the job is complete. Although they may overindulge, Pigs are reliable and do not neglect their responsibilities. Pigs are extremely honest, and this can cause a problem. A Pig will strongly disapprove of how you bend the truth and manipulate others to get your way. She may nag you about it.

Pigs are naive, and it will be easy for you to convince her of just about anything you want. She is not stupid, however, and will catch on eventually. When she does, you will be in trouble. The two of you are really not a good match, as you would both have to suppress large parts of your personalities in order to get along in the long term.

You will be tempted to take advantage of a Pig’s naivets, and you really aren’t likely to respect her talents. Although she will admire your cleverness and sophistication, your lack of honesty will bother her. This is not the best match.

In the snake and pig’s marriage, the snake’s disinterest will inevitably cause the pig’s feelings to be hurt. This might ultimately result in a breakup. This is a case where opposites just will not attract each other as the Snake Pig compatibility is negligible. There seems to be a very small chance that these two could be happy together.

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