Snake Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Rabbit woman, they appear to be a match made in heaven. Both are charming and sociable, but very moody. He can be irresponsible and she needs to take charge of the situation. He may tend to have a wandering eye, which can really undermine her self-esteem.

Chinese Snake and Rabbit make great friends. They can also make a successful love relationship. Their biggest issue is overcoming their insecurities. Both signs are well known for feeling insecure about their relationships. Snake may become jealous. Money is another issue. Both enjoy buying beautiful things, but Rabbit will worry about money incessantly. If they can overcome these issues, they can have a happy relationship.

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

These Chinese zodiac signs snake and rabbit look at things very differently but share excellent love compatibility. The snake and rabbit in love could form a deep intelligent connection initially. The two Chinese zodiac snake and rabbit compatibility can definitely form a satisfying, intimate relationship. In social situations, they are almost completely opposite of one another. The snake rabbit relationship is likely to move from an intelligent connection to a physically and mentally close relationship.

The rabbits are shy and reserved, but they can also be sensual. They would rather have a party at home with close friends then go out on the town. They view things more subjectively. On the other hand, the snakes are well liked thanks to their inherent charisma and smart and seductive nature. They are known for their instincts and philosophical way of thinking.

The male Snake may soon grow frustrated at his mismatched companion’s aura of practicality, while the female Rabbit will in turn experience dismay at her partner’s divergences into realms of pure fancy. The Rabbit will feel threatened at her basic level of security, and will react by nagging the Snake into toeing the line.

Nagging is never a good strategy, and in this instance will chivvy the mind-proud Snake into denouncing her as his intellectual inferior and slamming the door on his way out to the nearest Mensa meeting to cruise for a new squeeze. The female Rabbit would be better off with a man who shares her material concerns with regard to the future. The male Snake’s disregard for their shared future is indeed the cause of this couple’s quick collapse.

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman Love

Rabbits make good lovers for Snakes. Rabbits are not clingy, and don’t mind letting you have your independence. They are artistic and intelligent, and always think carefully before agreeing to anything. It is quite difficult to fool or take advantage of a Rabbit. You will enjoy the Rabbit’s artistic sense, and you will likely share a love of fine art.

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit are charming and charismatic, and have no problem making friends with everyone they meet. They are skilled with the art of speech, and they use it to good effect when negotiating. The biggest reason they are such a good negotiators is their fear of conflict. Rabbits hate fighting and will do anything they can to avoid tension. They run away rather than confront issues, and they have learned to make peace and bring two opposing sides together. Since the two of you are both good negotiators, you may end up discussing things for a long time if you disagree with each other!

A Rabbit is highly unlikely to betray you. Since you are very jealous and possessive, it is a good thing to date a faithful Rabbit. The two of you both love romance, and will enjoy special times together like picnics in the moonlight and walks along the beach. Rabbits know how to slow down and enjoy life, and a Rabbit will help you shift your focus from business to pleasure once in awhile.

You will appreciate how a Rabbit always thinks before she acts. She will not agree to any foolish courses of action that will reflect upon you negatively. Rabbits can be moody, and you will have to be prepared to cheer her up occasionally when she has an anxious of negative moment.

The snake and rabbit soulmates might have issues when it comes to both of them feeling insecure. With a little love and a minimum of compromise, you can have a very satisfactory relationship with a Rabbit.

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