Snake Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Rat woman, he will not hesitate to exclude her from portions of his life, including affairs. He will leave her to care for the home and family while he delves into philosophy. They are hot and heavy at first, but before long the heat is gone and they are left with coldness. They tend to fight a lot. Both are very intelligent, which makes the fights more hard hitting.

Chinese Snake and Rat are not the best pairing in the zodiac. Snake can be jealous in a relationship, and it is the riskiness of the pairing that attracts each to the other. If they can overcome their differences, this can make for a very interesting relationship. In business, they are an incredible team. Snake appreciates Rat’s cleverness. Snake will easily keep secrets from Rat. While Rat loves secrets, they like to be in on them, not be one who they are kept from.

Snake Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the snake and rat will have a few differences. But they can be very good together. The snake-rat compatibility is complementary and satisfactory on all fronts. The snake and rat relationship can work out if they overcome their differences. They will have an electric connection and are very responsive to each other’s charisma. If the snake and the rat are in love, they will find it easy to be devoted to each other.

The rats like to play witty verbal games. They might become annoyed with what they see as their partner’s’s lack of motivation and somewhat lazy attitude. They are full of energy and very active. They smart and shrewd and attracted to their lover’s intelligence.

The snakes might become tired of their partner’s games. They like to believe they are a more introspective thinker. They are instinctual and philosophical and seem to be less active. They are intensely appealing and attracted to their partner’s physical nature. Both the male and female snake might be envious and jealous.

The male Snake is a repository of strange and tantalizing knowledge that will whet the female Rat’s curiosity long enough for these two Signs to get to know each other a little better. Once the awkward initial phase is past, it should be smooth sailing for these two highly cerebral Signs. The female Rat is by far the more pragmatic of the pair, but the male Snake has an agenda of his own, and they combine to serve a dual interest.

They will respect and admire each other’s drive, even if they do not quite understand their final goals. It is in this shared respect of the mind that this relationship will thrive. These partners should find enough in their respective viewpoints to keep each other enthralled forever, or nearly so.

Snake Man and Rat Woman Love

Rats put their families first. They would literally do anything to make sure their spouse and children are safe, comfortable, and happy, and you will benefit from this if you marry a Rat! Rats are intelligent and talented, and a Rat is equally comfortable pursuing a career or staying at home to do the domestic chores.

Rats, like you, do not trust others easily. The beginning of this relationship will be a wary experience, but it is worth it in the end. Rats are also good with money, and they do not prefer expensive things as you do. They keep material objects around for the memories they hold. Rats do have a weakness for a bargain, however, so perhaps you should handle the family finances. On the other hands, Rats have an excellent sense for approaching danger that borders on the uncanny. If she tells you it’s time to unload an investment, you should really pay attention.

The two of you are really on the same wavelength here. Your union will be quite passionate. Rats are unlikely to stray, so you will be able to trust her, and she will rely on you to keep control of her emotions and not nag her. When she is feeling stressed, you will enjoy romancing her to make her feel better. She will impress your business contacts and help you move up in the world.

The one thing you will need to be careful of is communication. Since neither one of you likes to open up, you may not get your needs met. An effort on both of your parts to keep communication going strong will go a long way towards making sure you are happy in the long term.

For the snake and rat love compatibility to lead to a successful relationship, they will have to learn to speak up and communicate their feelings with each other. They will have to be cautious about not letting envious feelings and secrets set their relationship back. They need to be more communicative with each other and disregard their opposing qualities. Only then can they form a relationship that is profitable for both of them.

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