Snake Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Tiger woman, they will be hard pressed to find any common ground aside from their initial attraction. He tends to keep secrets from her, which annoys her to no end. She prefers a man who has more backbone and shows their possessiveness.

Chinese Snake and Tiger will need to put some effort into their relationship. Snake needs to learn to let go of jealousy while Tiger needs to learn to be faithful so Snake feels needed and respected. This relationship is much more successful when they begin as friends. This helps them to overlook any negative qualities that may prove irritating later. Tiger will help Snake rid themselves of their natural pessimism. Tiger needs to learn to support Snake emotionally. This may be difficult for them to do.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

Chinese zodiac love compatibility between the snake and tiger shows they might not have a lot in common. The snake and tiger compatibility might work better in a business relationship than in a romantic relationship.

The tiger is confident, straightforward, and self-sufficient. They are both open-minded and free spirits. However, they will want to be in control of everything they can. They can be a natural in a leadership position. They are energetic and tend to have the necessary smarts to move both business and others along. The snake is more reserved than that. They will depend on their inherent charisma to get what they want.

The two Chinese zodiac snake and tiger soulmates do not seem to have enough in common to bond over. Both can be very laid back, but typically only if they are getting what they want. Because of this, they might have issues together.

In the snake and tiger relationship both will be sexually appealing. Because of this, they might be attracted to each other immediately and start dating. The male or female tiger will have a magnetic personality that the snake will find hard to ignore. Additionally, they will be attracted to the male or female snake’s seductive charisma. Eventually, both will figure out they do not have many similarities.

This match may prove to be somewhat disjointed, as here we have the disparate conjunction of a cerebral nature with a most physical nature indeed. The male Snake will be frantic to get his partner to sit down and listen once in a while, but the female Tiger is constitutionally incapable of pursuing the sedentary arts for any length of time.

Without patience and caring on both sides, an exasperated Snake will finally wave goodbye, good luck and good riddance to his bored partner, who in turn will make a beeline straight to the nearest scene of action. If this relationship is to succeed, each partner will have to try very hard to understand the other’s alien needs, and respect them for what they are. If they can recognize each other as equals, there is a chance, albeit slim, for permanence here.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman Love

A Tiger is your complete and absolute opposite. You are always calm, and never lose your head, even in an emergency. The Tiger is drawn to and attracts drama. Tigers are always at the center of a controversy, and if they aren’t, they quickly create one! Tigers are whirlwinds of emotional energy, and constantly experience ups and downs. Simply listening to a Tiger relate the drama in her life can be exhausting.

Tigers are extremely passionate and get behind humanitarian causes. Tigers thrive on the attention they receive from being rebellious and standing up for others. Tigers do not think before acting-they simply throw themselves right in. The passion of a Tiger often steers her in the right direction, but not always.

Tigers are extremely sensitive and do not take criticism well. Although you can handle a Tiger with your cool subtlety, it will be extremely trying for you if you try to form a relationship with her. She will be forever spurring you towards violent action and will not understand your need to think everything through calmly. You will not approve of how free she is with money, or how she is willing to change her plans at the last second.

A Tiger is really not sophisticated enough for you. You have refined tastes, while she thrives on the energy of confrontation, and would prefer a good sporting match to an art gallery. Tigers have no use for climbing social or corporate ladders, or amassing power. They have enough ferocity that others obey them naturally, and they have little care for what "society" expects of them. They are rebels who will speak their mind, regardless of whether you are trying to impress your boss by pretending to hold the opposite view. This union is ill advised and not likely to last long.

In a snake-tiger marriage, the tiger will spend a lot which might create some problems in their relationship. The snake is more cautious about spending money. But their partner will not always want to follow their advice as tigers are more leaders than followers. These two Chinese zodiac signs will have a difficult relationship. Both are not able to accept or tolerate what they see as each other’s flaws. They both are intense and suspicious. They will have a hard time trusting each other, predicts the Chinese astrology compatibility.

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