Tiger Man Goat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Goat woman, life will be difficult if not impossible. While they are initially attracted to each other, they don’t usually make a success of it. He believes at first that she can be molded to his will, but he soon learns otherwise. He gets frustrated with her changing moods. She is not affected by his criticism and begging. She laughs at his attempts at male superiority, while he takes everything seriously.

Chinese Tiger and Goat need to really work at their relationship. If both parties are willing to do this, they can have a wonderful time together. Goat loves Tiger’s magnetism and beauty. Tiger loves Sheep’s creativity and sensitivity. Goat needs to be supported in their pursuits or they may fall into depression. Tiger can do this, but if Goat is too needy, Tiger will feel trapped and look elsewhere. Tiger has an incredible amount of ambition. When Goat feels bullied by Tiger’s take charge attitude, they may become frustrated or depressed. If they can work through these issues, their relationship will be wonderful for both parties.

Tiger Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the tiger and the Goat might be able to have a contented relationship. The Tiger might be very happy being strong and protecting the Goat. They value their individuality and their freedom. They will like being in control. They are bold, brave and a natural leader. They are sociable and motivated. They enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle.

The goat or Goat Chinese astrology sign is romantic and will fall easily in love. They can be very demanding. They are emotional, artistic, and somewhat anxious. They require a lot of encouragement, support, and even compliments from their partner to feel safe in a relationship.

The tiger and the Goat might have to work hard to have a relationship that is compatible for both of them. The tiger and the goat will need to accept each other to make the Tiger Goat relationship successful. The tiger and goat both love to travel. They both enjoy different and foreign things. The goat adore the tiger’s appeal and beauty. The tiger adores the goat’s artistic and emotional nature and encourage the their goals.

The male Tiger requires the freedom of his emotions in order to enjoy life, while the female Goat also requires her own brand of freedom - the freedom of the intellect. But she also needs a firm place to stand and confront the world on her own terms, and the Tiger is not going to provide the stability she needs.

The Tiger doesn’t know how to fend off the regimented forces of life, and wouldn’t if he could - he’s all about grabbing a bit of diversion while he can still enjoy it. The female Goat would be better off terminating this sorry attempt at a relationship and looking elsewhere for her security, which is why she so frequently does exactly that. The Tiger will be content with the enjoyment he had while it lasted.

Tiger Man and Goat Woman Love

Goats are the gentlest people in the Chinese zodiac. They don’t want to be pushed or rushed, and need to operate on their own schedule. They are very emotionally supportive, and their ability to sense the emotions of others is uncanny. You would appreciate a Goat during those times when you are down and need someone absolutely sympathetic to help restore your normal confidence and fire.

Goats are not good with money at all. Since you spend quite a bit yourself, you are likely to have constant money problems if the two of you try to have a relationship. Also, the Ram’s calm, laid back lifestyle will irritate you and leave you pacing as though you are trapped in a cage. You are addicted to drama, and the Goat is the opposite of excitement.

The Goat will probably get on your nerves when you realize that she doesn’t like hard work or excitement. Although she won’t complain, she will find your lifestyle stressful and trying. You will be continually frustrated as she finds excuses not to work or keep up the house, because she prefers to decorate and hone her artistic talents only when the mood strikes her. To you, a Ram’s quiet goals will seem boring, and to her, it will seem as though you expend an awful lot of energy unnecessarily. A Goat is a wonderful friend for you, but not the best mate.

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