Tiger Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Horse woman, he will be the perfect gentleman as long as she plays along with the idea of masculine superiority. He won’t care if she’s just playing along. They will get along famously in almost every aspect of their lives.

Chinese Tiger and Horse are a great match. They both love adventure. They share many of the same characteristics and are not likely to become jealous of the other. These happy people have a zest for life that is seldom matched. They share a terrific sense of humor. They have a great respect for each other and their way of life. Tiger appreciates Horse’s ability to enjoy the moment and that Horse also wants freedom. Horse enjoys Tiger’s unpredictability and independence.

Tiger Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the tiger and the horse in love make a good couple because of their similar personalities. Both of them are bright, positive, and fun. They will enjoy going out together whether they are friends, in a romantic relationship, or in a business relationship.

The tiger and the horse relationship can be good because they share comparable goals and interests. Both these Chinese zodiac signs require independence. Because of this, their relationship will be original and free.

The tiger and horse love compatibility will be excellent in this relationship. They are both are sociable and exciting. The tiger tends to have more strength and will drive their relationship. They admire the horse’s spirit. The horse likes the tiger’s impulsive and self sufficient nature.

Both the tiger and the horse have similar personalities. They are both lively, energetic, and intense. The horse’s energetic nature is appealing to the tiger. At the same time, the tiger’s bright and confident nature is appealing to the horse.

The male Tiger and the female Horse are equally interested in new experiences and diverting antics. They will tumble over each other in their excitement at sampling everything the world has to offer, urging each other on to new feats of novelty. This may make for grand fun, but is it enough to establish a relationship of the heart?

That depends upon the hearts involved, and neither the Tiger nor the Horse is very sentimental. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, true, but if either of these characters is looking for something a bit more fulfilling in their personal life, they’ll break the fun deal and seek elsewhere for their heart’s desire. It may be a question of maturity versus a question of commitment for both of these unrepentant hedonists.

Tiger Man and Horse Woman Love

People born under the sign of the Horses are quite like horses-ready for a gallop anytime! They throw themselves headlong into whatever the wind brings their way. Horses have a lot of stamina, but they often don’t have the interest to finish what they start. Horses have short attention spans and tend to switch gears when something new catches their fancy. Horses are not good with details and have a hard time sticking to a schedule or plan of any kind.

Horses, like Tigers, are led by their emotions. If the two of you fall in love, it’s like to be a romantic, intense whirlwind at first. Horses unfortunately have a short attention span in love as well as in other things, and they have a tendency to fall out of love quickly or even cheat on their partners. Since you are incredibly jealous, your affair may not end well. If a Horse is very committed to you, however, you will have a lot of fun together, and you will never be lacking in chemistry.

A Horse is sensitive enough to know when you need some extra support, and send it your way. The two of you may find yourselves competing for the spotlight however, and it is wise to keep separate groups of friends so that you each get the center of attention you crave.

Since you are so passionate and interesting, you have a great chance of keeping a Horse’s interest and fidelity, which means that this is a good combination. The tiger and horse marriage too will be romantic and content.

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