Tiger Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Monkey woman, her sense of humor can overcome many tense situations that may arise between them. She likes lots of friends; he prefers she spend more time with him. If they cooperate and make compromises, they will both be much happier in the long run. Arguing may be their downfall.

Chinese Tiger and Monkey begin with passion. Drawn to each other, they can’t help themselves. These two will have a great time together, but they need to be watchful about arguing. If Monkey lets Tiger lead and Tiger learns that Monkey needs constant stimulation to be happy, they may develop a successful union. If Monkey doesn’t find a way to stimulate their curiosity, they may begin competing with Tiger.

Tiger Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology compatibility, these two zodiac signs of the tiger and the monkey have opposite personalities. The tiger and monkey relationship will be full of joy. They might be immediately attracted to each other. They both love to have fun and are typically optimistic. However, they will have arguments. They might have issues agreeing on anything.

The tiger and monkey relationship might not be a happy one. They might not find each other impressive in love. The tiger will want to be the dominant one in the relationship. Because of this, they might compete with each other.

The female Monkey can usually second-guess the male Tiger every step of the way, and in the process run him like a railroad to her own benefit. Both the Tiger and the Monkey thrive on new and diverting experiences, and if the Tiger has just enough common sense to take the Monkey’s advice on all things, these two could be in for the mutual thrill ride of their lives.

The Tiger’s excess energy can be quite productive, with the astute mind of the Monkey to guide it to fruition. These two highly compatible Signs serve to catalyze each other to greater and greater achievements, and make a very dashing couple in the process. It is highly recommended that these two people swallow their occasional fits of pride and remain together.

Tiger Man and Monkey Woman Love

Monkeys are tricksters who can’t resist jokes and fun. They are very intelligent and quick witted, so their barbs can hurt. Also, they can be quite manipulative, and don’t mind lying to get what they want. They treat deception like a game, and it’s a game they are very good at. Monkeys have a short attention span, and hop from project to project as well as lover to lover. You do not appreciate a Monkey’s tricks and insults, and you simply need more loyalty from a partner than she can normally provide.

A Monkey will respect your intelligence, but that won’t stop her from poking fun at you. Monkeys feel as though it is their responsibility to help you stop taking yourself so seriously, but you aren’t at all interested in this kind of help.

The two of you are quite different. You earn admirers simply by going about your business-everything you do is full of power and magnetism. Monkeys scheme and plot to charm and seduce. You may find yourself falling for a Monkey - she will be very good at making herself indispensable to you-but once the romance has faded, you will be left with her tricks and manipulations, and you won’t feel very loving at all.

If you are set on having a relationship with a Monkey, you need to lay down ground rules right away. She needs to know what hurts you and what is acceptable teasing, and you need to make it perfectly clear that she is expected to stay faithful to you. You will need to compromise and lighten up a little. The two of you are capable of having quite a bit of fun together, but without great effort you will get on each other’s nerves too much.

In a tiger and the monkey marriage if they can compromise, they can have a successful relationship. If the tiger and the monkey want the relationship to be successful, one will have to control the other. If the tiger and monkey soulmates can agree, they can avoid a power struggle and improve their love compatibility. They can have a lot of fun together. However, both will have to be careful about having disagreements.

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