Tiger Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and an Ox woman, this relationship can be particularly challenging. He is headstrong and high strung while she is cautious and methodical. He will have issues about staying put in one job, while she encourages him to slowly build a strong career. In the bedroom they may have issues because of their different approaches.

Chinese Tiger and Ox make for a trying couple. This is not to say it won’t work, but both parties must be truly committed to working things out to make a solid go of it. They are both very different and have different approaches to life. If they are willing, they can actually make their differences work for them. The Ox’s patience will be all important in this relationship, just as the Tiger will need to learn to buckle down to work and not react so impulsively all the time. Both love spending time with family, which creates a strong foundation upon which to build their relationship. Both partners can learn quite a bit in this relationship.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Chinese love compatibility between the tiger and ox might not make them very good couple. What will be needed for this couple to survive a relationship? Will the tiger and ox soulmates be able to lead a happy life? The Chinese zodiac tiger and ox relationship might not work out. They both have different outlooks.

The ox is very dependable but withdrawn. They are diligent and like having things done right the first time. They are systematic and thorough when working on projects. They can be stubborn and critical. The tigers can be wild, daring and unfocused. They can be an impulsive leader. They have a magnetic charisma that will help draw their lover in.

The male Tiger is a big kitten at heart - all antics and play. But the female Ox may very well refuse to be his ball of string. She’ll spend a long period of time quietly waiting for him to grow up and out of it, and when she finally realizes that it’s just in the way he’s made, she may be too tired to change routines.

Exhaustion will determine the course of this relationship - when both parties run out of fuel, it’s over. In her case the fuel is patience; in his case it’s rampant hedonism. One will tame the other, but when the battle is won, the victor may question what he or she has gained in such a victory. The remaining spoils may prove not to have been worth the bloodshed, or sufficient to keep this couple together after all.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman Love

An Ox is certainly a steady, dependable partner who will be there for you in your moments of doubt, depression, and anxiety. She may not understand why you take everything so seriously and are always flipping from one extreme emotion to another, but she will take care of you with love and sympathy.

Oxen are very stubborn, however, and you may find that you are trying to pull each other in opposite directions. If each of you digs in your heels, you may be in for quite the battle! Oxen love to work hard and steadily. An Ox is equally willing to work hard earning money (which is good because you are quite the spender) or work hard in the home with domestic duties. She takes satisfaction in a job well done, no matter what the job.

The two of you have polar opposite feelings and attitudes. Oxen thrive on planning, dedication, and steadily working to achieve a goal, while you follow your heart and throw yourself into things, hoping that your passion and power will make up for your lack of a plan.

The tiger and ox compatibility is not completely terrible in a relationship. Both are kind with a sense of nobility and honor. In bed, the tiger and the ox can have an intimate and sexually lasting bond. Although the two of you are usually both successful in your endeavours, you succeed by completely different means. If you are both willing to communicate and compromise, you could balance out each other’s weaknesses well and have a productive relationship.

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