Tiger Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Rabbit woman, he appreciates someone sweet to come home to, while she enjoys his glamour. When courting, she appreciates the romance and poetry of the budding relationship. If Tiger is in love, it serves him well to take it slow and gentle. In return, Rabbit will do all she can to remain enticing and interesting. Tiger can set Rabbit on a pedestal, which she adores. This will help her loosen up.

Chinese Tiger and Rabbit usually get on well together, though they may have clashes and disagreements. If they can overcome their differences, both will develop a respect for each other. Tiger’s ability to take control and Rabbit’s ability to remain modest simply amazes the other. If they cannot overcome their issues, the relationship becomes unbalanced, and soon no one will be happy.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the tiger and the rabbit might be too different. The rabbit will adore the tiger’s allure. The tiger will need to keep their relationship calm and easy. Only then will this Tiger and Rabbit relationship become exciting.

The tiger and rabbit in love will not have a power struggle because the tiger will usually win. However, both are compassionate. Because of this, they will be able to communicate better with each other. The tiger is confident, brave, brash, and free. They can also be irresistible, seductive, and alluring. They will need to keep their independence and be in control to be happy. They have a sense of nobility and are kind-hearted. They are very self-sufficient but fickle.

The shy rabbit might be pushed over in this Tiger Rabbit friendship. They tend to be quiet and can be taken advantage of at times. At the same time, they are calm, somewhat shy, gentle, and kind. They can be very good lovers. They care about their partner’s satisfaction over anything else. When the Tiger is dating the Rabbit, they might be too different to be compatible. The tiger and the rabbit will have relationship that might not be mutually fair or fulfilling.

The male Tiger and the female Rabbit share a sense of adventure, but the Tiger is willing to go several shades beyond where the Rabbit would prefer to stop and acquire a sense of perspective. Both of these Signs would benefit from a steady love partner, but neither will prove to be what the other desperately needs. Without a personal anchor, the Tiger is lost.

The question will be whether the Rabbit is able to provide him with a home life enticing enough to counterbalance the joys of roaming about. If she can do this, the Tiger will not mind the constraints on his freedom, and instead will devote his not inconsiderable charms towards the perpetuation of a happy home life, which is the cornerstone of success for this ambivalent couple.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman Love

Rabbits are romantic and charming. They thrive on gentle words and attention. They hate conflict and will run the other way if they sense tension. A Rabbit has excellent negotiating skills that she has developed in order to avoid contention, and she is always trying to keep the peace. A Rabbit who is constantly pushed and pressured by another person will eventually flee and break off all contact.

Rabbits do not crave the spotlight. They are intelligent and creative, and harbor artistic talents that aren’t always appreciated. A Rabbit will always have a tastefully decorated house. Rabbits can be moody, but most of the time they are ruled by their brains and not their hearts. A Rabbit is very difficult to fool, and she will always check the fine print before signing a contract. Rabbits prefer to have a plan before acting, and like to know the details. Although Rabbits are supportive partners, you may not be able to give each other the support that each of you craves because you are so different.

A Rabbit will be uncomfortable with the way you make decisions and throw yourself into things without thinking. She will want you to let her know of her plans in advance, and you will resent what you see as an intrusion into your control over your own life. In reality, you can be quite self absorbed, and don’t always think of your partner before deciding things. This causes a lot of tension in your relationship.

The Tiger and Rabbit marriage compatibility might be ruined by the domineering nature of the Tiger that might cause arguments between the two. However, the tiger rabbit soulmates can make their different traits work together. Although you have some areas of compatibility, the two of you are simply better as friends than lovers.

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