Tiger Man Rat Woman

When the pairing is a Tiger man with a Rat woman, the relationship may be deliriously happy or a complete disaster. While there is a natural amount of incompatibility between these two, it is not insurmountable. She tends to be overly domestic and anxious, while he refuses to worry about mundane concerns and changes jobs whenever the mood strikes.

The Chinese Tiger and Rat, while similar in many ways, may be a wee bit too similar. Both like to be in the spotlight so much that they may compete with each other to the point they forget they are supposed to be in a relationship. Their own competitiveness may get in their way. Or, they may be the perfect companions on the same journey. This relationship can go either way. When both partners are secure, they can be independent, pursue their own dreams, and still have time for each other. If one or the other is insecure, problems arise.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac love compatibility between the Tiger and Rat might not be too great but can work well together with some compromise. Will their different personalities help them be compatible in love? Will the Tiger-Rat compatibility be good enough to form a happy and loving relationship?

The Tiger might become tired of listening to their partner. They will be moody sometimes and will try to take charge where they can. They are brave and controlling and always going to want to win. The male or female Rat likes to promote their own agendas. They will continually make witty remarks. They will get irritated with their dominating partner.

The Chinese zodiac signs of the Tiger and Rat in love do not seem to fit naturally together. They have a lot in common and this could be the problem. Both of them will enjoy being in the spotlight. They are both charismatic and alluring. In the Tiger Rat relationship, both are kind and affectionate with those they care about. They can be a strong, giving couple if they can find a way to compromise. If the Tiger and Rat soulmates are in social settings, they might compete for the attention of their friends.

The male Tiger may lap into the life of the female Rat and bowl her off her feet with an exciting weekend, but that may be all she can take - or all that he is willing to provide until his restless feet lead him elsewhere. The Rat can be very keen on new experiences, but the Tiger’s zest for novelty will far outstrip anything she may have been expecting.

In the end, the Rat may become annoyed with the Tiger’s lack of attention to detail and cavalier attitude towards material prosperity, which are subjects dear to her heart. The Tiger may in his turn grow bored with a relationship that demands too much of his limited attention span. This combination of personalities may prove to be more trouble than it is worth - which is why neither will take much trouble maintaining it.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman Love

A Rat is on a different wavelength than you are. To her, family is the most important thing, and she will do anything to make sure her spouse and children are comfortable. She does not really approve of you running around throwing yourself willy nilly into your latest interest, and she doesn’t like how your emotional ups and downs disturb the home. Rats are social climbers whose aspirations may be hurt by your disdain for authority. If you anger the wrong people, it will hurt her chances for social advancement and she will resent you.

You will sometimes need comfort and sympathy, and a Rat is willing to give it, however, she cannot always be completely on your side. When your feelings are hurt you just want to be soothed, and a Rat may not be able to pretend that you had no hand in your own downfall. During these times of doubt, you do not want to accept any responsibility and will not like it if she thrusts it upon you.

Rats are much better with budgets than you are, and if the two of you do decide to try this relationship, you should let her handle the money. Although Rats have a weakness for a good bargain, she is not the spendthrift that you are.

Rats can be anxious and stressed at times, and this is when they need your support. Although you are willing, you aren’t always emotionally available when she needs you. This can make her edgy and upset. Rats have a keen sense of danger, and you should heed her warnings, but you probably won’t. When you don’t listen to her, she will feel unappreciated and resentful.

This is not one of the easier marriages to navigate. Without a lot of compromise and understanding, this will be nothing but stressful for the both of you.

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