Tiger Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Rooster woman, both will be hotheaded, aggressive and unwilling to see anything from the others’ point of view. He will be arrogant towards her. She, knowing she isn’t as brilliant as he is, may try to be accommodating, which can set up a terrible cycle of behavior. If they can find a common ground, they can have a wonderful relationship.

Tiger and Rooster will argue a lot. They seldom want the same things. Each of these signs is strong of character. Rooster believes in hard work and attaining perfection. They extend this expectation to their relationships. Tiger wants freedom for themselves, but doesn’t want it for their partner. Both prefer to control the situation. Without a bit of diplomacy, these two will have nothing but trouble.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The tiger and rooster relationship will have very few things in common. They also have enough differences that they are not too similar. These two Chinese astrology signs have varied personalities. Both will need to try to make sure they give each other what they need. Otherwise the love compatibility in this tiger and rooster friendship is negligible.

The tiger dating the rooster has a sense of nobility and they both have a clear idea of what they are looking for. Because of this, they might have disagreements. These two zodiac signs are not likely to get along. The rooster is a perfectionist and wants to see things reflect that. They know how to push others to meet their expectations and will think that they are just trying to help. They think this is a way for others to improve.

However, the real issue is that the rooster tends to be blunt when communicating with their partner. They are used to their opinion being appreciated and followed. They tend to be frugal. They can be judgmental and critical. They care about getting things done and following the rules with rational thinking.

The tiger is very independent, instinctive and does not like to follow other’s orders. They can be friendly and laid back. They are invested in protecting their individuality and their independence. They are very generous but can also be somewhat vocal and rebellious. They will be controlling of everything around them.

The male Tiger’s eye will be easily caught by the scintillating extravagance of the female Rooster’s outgoing nature. She will serve as a prop to his ego for a while, but eventually she will get on his nerves, as he begins to question her ability to make decisions for the two of them. Since the female Rooster likes to be in charge, this will result in a power struggle for control of the relationship, and this discord at the helm may result in the entire arrangement self-destructing.

Neither of these Signs is the sort of personality who will take the time to laboriously repair what has been broken in the blink of an eye. The Tiger and the Rooster make a pretty couple, but fast love is by necessity of short duration, though it can be intense while it is still present.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman Love

Roosters are clever and precise. They enter a room proudly, strutting and preening in an attempt to get attention. They always wear bright and well fitted clothing-the better to be noticed. They are creative and have many paths to success in life. Roosters are quite meticulous about schedules and plans.

They do not change their plans for anyone, and don’t understand the concept of spontaneity. Scheduling is the foundation of everything for them, and they expect all of their acquaintances to be as organized as they are. They keep track of their finances as perfectly as they keep track of everything else. They could use a partner that gently helps them relax.

You are not really compatible with a Rooster in a romantic relationship. Although you are likely to have great conversations, your fights will be rowdy enough to get the neighbors talking. You rebel against anything-including the Rooster’s schedules and plans, and this is simply frustrating to her. You are both passionate, but will rail against each other.

She is painfully honest, and you will take insult at what she means to be constructive criticism. This will wound you deeply enough to pull away, and you may seek revenge against her. After you have found comfort elsewhere, you will return, and everything will simply be as it was before. The two of you compete for the spotlight in an unhealthy way, and aren’t likely to see eye to eye or achieve a compromise.

The tiger and the rooster soulmates will have a lot of arguments in a romantic relationship. The tiger will rebel against the rooster’s rules. Because of this, the rooster will become tired of the tiger and might see them as messy and selfish. At the same time, the tiger could see the rooster as too dominating.

The moral of this story is that you may get along famously as colleagues or friends, but if you have to live with each other the friction will be too much. Your lifestyles are too different and you are both too stubborn to change enough to make this work.

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