Tiger Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Snake woman, they will find communication difficult if not impossible. She is more independent than he thought, and he will get frustrated trying to get her to do what he wants. She is sentimental, he is intellectual. Arguing is inevitable in this relationship, which may be over shortly after it begins.

Chinese Tiger and Snake will need to put some effort into their relationship. Snake needs to learn to let go of jealousy while Tiger needs to learn to be faithful so Snake feels needed and respected. This relationship is much more successful when they begin as friends. This helps them to overlook any negative qualities that may prove irritating later. Tiger will help Snake rid themselves of their natural pessimism. Tiger needs to learn to support Snake emotionally. This may be difficult for them to do.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the tiger and the snake will have trouble finding something to agree on. The tiger and the snake can both be easygoing. The two Chinese zodiac signs of the tiger and the snake have a lot of differences. The both see things differently, live a different lifestyle, and have different goals. They will have a hard time overcoming these differences.

However, they will both need to feel they are content to be laid back. The tiger and snake friendship might have a better business relationship. They are likely to argue in an amorous connection. The tiger and the snake will have a hard relationship because of not being capable of accepting each other or disregard their flaws. Both of them are enthusiastic and naturally suspicious.

The male Tiger is keen on fighting for what he believes, and as soon as possible. The female Snake, on the other hand, requires a great deal of time to decide precisely what she does believe in, and then even more to decide what to do about her beliefs - she is prone to discard them as they become inconvenient. The Tigerโ€™s inconvenience may also result in his swift obsolescence in the Snakeโ€™s eyes.

The Snake has no time to rein in the impetuous Tiger, and will sooner break off what appears to be an unpromising engagement. The Tiger will not be the sort to change his stripes, either. In the end this proposed match should remain theoretical - which is best for both of the parties concerned, as it would never have worked out.

Tiger Man and Snake Woman Love

A Snake is your complete opposite. She is calm, cool, and collected. Others probably refer to her as cold blooded because her emotions never get the best of her, and in fact few people ever get to see that she has emotions at all. She never makes a move out of the background and yet somehow no one misses her. She is always well dressed, and she has an air of mystery, confidence, and sophistication.

Snakes are very smart and have a variety of talents. A Snake seeks power, and usually finds it. She may be attracted to you because of the fact that everyone defers to you. She loves fine things, and saves her money carefully so that she can afford them without hurting her budget. She is far more careful with her money than you are, and if you attempt a relationship with her, she should handle the finances.

Snakes are always calm, even during emergencies. You will appreciate how nothing fazes her, and how even when you are completely beside yourself she never loses her cool for a moment. She is most reassuring when you are in your darkest hour.

You may find a Snake to be a bit "snotty" for you. You do not understand the appeal of expensive clothes and fine art. With you high energy and love of confrontation, you are more likely to enjoy a sporting event than an art gallery. You hate observing social rules and niceties just to climb an invisible ladder of power - you have all the power you need within you already. Although you may make decent friends, the two of you are not likely to function well as lovers.

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