Tiger Man Tiger Woman

Tigers both want to be the dominant partner. If they can overcome this urge, they can be very happy together. A relationship between two Tigers will usually progress quickly. They are both highly emotional and may have a very volatile union. Their magnetic personalities tend to attract others that may be a temptation. Tigers like their freedom. While another Tiger understands this need, they may not be able to fulfill it. In business, they need to work hard to keep things running smoothly. They may be competitive with each other, as each is blessed with many talents.

Chinese Tiger and Tiger have a passionate relationship. They are beautiful and intelligent. They both love adventure and fun. They are very affectionate with each other, especially in the beginning. If they feel controlled, they may stray. If there is excitement in the relationship, they may end up remaining together in a doomed relationship longer than they should. Even fighting stimulates them, though it is very exhausting.

Tiger Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The couple born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger will be identical to each other. Will their similarities bring them together? Will the Tiger man Tiger woman relationship be long lasting ? Will a Tiger Tiger friendship have a future?

The tiger has an alluring personality. Because of this, they will easily attract and be drawn to another tiger. They are seductive, original, and kind-hearted. They will typically be very loving and kind to those that they care about. They are brave and autonomous.

This couple born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger might or might not be able to have a successful romantic relationship. Neither tiger will want to be controlled by the other. Both will not let the other control them. The blissful stage of the relationship might last only as long as the Tiger is dating another Tiger. They are likely to have difference of opinions about which one will control what area of their lives. They do not like to have disagreements. The Tiger male and Tiger female in love will disagree over who is in control.

The male Ox needs to watch out for the female Tiger’s more disruptive antics every step of the way in order to keep this relationship a viable concern. The Tiger injects a stimulating sense of surprise into the staid male Ox’s orderly and calm life, and for that he is thankful, but too many surprises will come to be viewed as a disruption of the routine, and that the Ox cannot stand.

The Tiger may find herself a bit bored by her stuffy companion, and take to other methods of keeping her heart occupied - other partners, too. If this occurs the two will be better off calling it quits. But if the male Ox’s patience is up to the task, a bit of flirtatious fun on the part of his woman will not place undue strain on the relationship.

Tiger Man and Tiger Woman Love

Tigers have very sensitive egos, and being insulted will wound them deeply, even if they are too proud (and they usually are) to show it. Tigers think with their hearts at the best of times, and when they are hurt in this way logic basically leaves them. They need to retire to lick their wounds, and they expect complete support from their romantic partners. This is not the time to point out that the Tiger started it, or that he or she might be wrong!

Two Tigers will have a most exciting and consuming time in a relationship. This union is likely to be fiery and explosive, with a lot of physical chemistry. They may become exhausted from all the activities they will be piling on each other’s plates. Although the romance will be extreme, so will the fights. If two Tigers are battling it out, you will likely hear it all the way across town! This relationship may have a short shelf life simply because it is too exhausting!

Tigers need a lot of space to do their own thing, primarily because they don’t take advice well. If this is to work, both of you will need to give a lot of space to each other, and do not pressure each other. Tigers are big spenders, and it will be difficult to follow a budget. A Tiger-Tiger couple is advised to hire a financial specialist to help with the finances!

A tiger in a marriage with another tiger might feel that it is passionate and impulsive and very exciting. Because of this, neither will want to end the relationship. If they fight over control too much, the love compatibility in this relationship is not likely to be very stable and this Tiger Tiger match will breakup.

According to Chinese astrology, the two might have problems because they will each draw others in. Because of this, either could be subject to temptation. Both will be somewhat stubborn and controlling. They could end up easily hurting each other’s feelings. They both know and understand each other’s attitudes.

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