Metal Dog

Metal Dog Years: 1910, 1970, 2030

Active Element: Metal & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Libra ♎

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

The Dog believes only in his own strength, ability, persistently and stubbornly goes to the goal set for himself. She is ready to perform it at any cost, so it’s better not to get in her way. If something does not work for her, she is ready to "bite" herself. Personal inquiries of it are not very great, but for the family, relatives and friends tries to make the best of it. Sociability, emancipation, ease of attitude to insignificant problems would make the Metal Dog beautiful.

This Dog is unshakable in her convictions; she is very disapproving of any violation of the law. Always very principled, noble and merciful. She will devote herself to unselfish service until the end of her life, if she finds something worthy of such devotion. And yet, if she is hurt, she can be ruthless and pursue her enemies until her death. At the same time, she is a loving and tender person at home, who, however, sometimes takes too much care of her loved ones.

Own Dogs Element — Metal; Additional Metal of the year of birth generates a double metal sign that is extremely strong. The Tibetans call it the "Iron Dog" and are very worried about this year, because it can be either very good or very bad, depending on how things go.

Unyielding and principled Metal Dog has excellent internal control over himself and takes everything very seriously, especially if it concerns a home or her country. She is irreproachably true, her political views are very stable and definite. She is always resolute, always on someone’s side and will never leave her allies. So even despite the hatred of injustice and dishonest play, this Dog can resort to extreme measures if she needs others to share her views.

Metal Dog Chinese Zodiac

A person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Dog and tempered by the Metal element is a real "Type A" personality. Metal Dogs put a lot of pressure on themselves and have high standards for their work. They can be perfectionists, and also expect others to follow through on what they have promised. Turing back on a commitment can really anger a Metal Dog, although that will not stop him or her from being loyal to you.

Once a Metal Dog has committed to something, it will cause him or her great stress to even think about turning his or her back on it. Those born under this Chinese Zodiac sign really need to know what will happen in advance, and can get very anxious and upset if plans change at the last minute, or people they thought they could count on back out of plans or commitments.

Since a person born under the Chinese sign of the Metal Dog is so distressed by a broken commitment, he or she chooses her friends and business partners carefully. Do not take offense it is seems to take a Metal Dog a long time to trust you, because he or she needs that trust in order to pursue a relationship with anyone. Once he or she knows that you can be trusted, he or she will be a very loyal and trustworthy companion.

People born under this Chinese Zodiac sign make true, faithful, if slightly anxious and pessimistic partners and friends. You can always count on a Metal Dog to perform faithfully and well.

Metal Dog Man

The man of this sign is famous for his generosity, people consider him a very kind and fair person. This is a true friend, ready for the sake of loved ones at everything, thinks more about others, and not about himself. It shows rigidity in matters of principle, does not tolerate liars and deceivers. He is very devoted to his work, devotes much time to work. A Metal Dog is a strong-willed man, he can not be swept away from his intended path by any force. Firmly defends his opinion, quickly annoyed if confronted with a misunderstanding. Stubborn, energetic, so always comes out victorious. He even tries to maintain good relations with his opponents, at least he will not give the appearance that he is disappointed and angry.

In relations with women, the Metal Dog shows the best features of its character. Says an attentive, precautionary gentleman. Although it can be demanding, persistent, if, of course, it has serious views on the woman. She wants to see next to her a reliable companion of life, so she does not hesitate to give her comments. Metal Dog is a stubborn man, arguing with him is useless. It is easier to obey his demands, the more he does not want anything bad. He dreams of a strong family, of a good income and children. It does not set itself unrealizable goals and does not hover in the clouds. All his desires are quite feasible, especially if there is a faithful wife nearby.

Metal Dog Woman

To convince this stubborn woman is impossible, does not recognize any authority, only takes into account her opinion. Has a strong character, unbending will, does not pass before trouble. Out of any unfavorable situation, she emerges victorious. A Metal Dog is a talented woman, if desired, can take place in a creative profession. Although she likes the financial sphere or the exact sciences. She does not like superfluous conversations, she needs specificity. Rarely gives vent to feelings, perfectly controls their emotions. From the women of this sign, good leaders are obtained, they have a good command of the situation, they easily deal with competitors.

Metal Dog is a strong woman, it is difficult to pity her. Trusts only those men who were able to prove their love by concrete deeds. Of course, she is pleased to hear compliments and accept gifts, but when choosing a fan guided logic, not feelings. Do not rush to the neck, even the most skilled temptation. Her plans include creating a strong family union, so she is looking for a worthy partner. Having married, behaves like an ideal hostess, completely concentrates on troubles about the wife and children. She is a faithful and faithful wife, she is not interested in novels on the side, Metal Dog has much to waste its energy. She devotes most of her time to raising children.

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